Monday, February 11, 2008

Janet & Jermaine at the Clive Davis' Pre Grammy Party

I'm sorry this pic is too funny to me. What does it look like Jermaine is saying in this picture? Here's my little skit of what I thought was said :

JD: "Babe let's leave her early, go home, and fuck, I'm mad horny"
Janet: "jermaine, are you serious?"
JD: "Don't I look serious to you,babe?" "Come on, let's slide out of here"
Janet: "Honey, I thinks thats rude and besides I'm really having a good time"
JD: " Fuck these niggas, Clive won't even know we left"
Janet: "No Jermaine, I'm not feeling that idea right now"
JD: "Damn babe, you fucking me up right now, look at my dick it's mad hard"
Janet: " Will you shut up and sit down already, then I won't have to see how hard your dick is, because it will be under the table". We not leaving so stop it"
JD: " Well let's dip to the bathroom so I can eat you real quick"
Janet: (gives JD the "you have got to be kidding me look, then replies) OKAY!

Lmaoooo.. I guess my mind was in the gutter when I saw that picture.

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