Saturday, February 16, 2008

PLUM: Mickey Factz

So we got a hold of Mickey Factz's "Talk Yo Ish" Remix. Once again Mickey has proven to SC that he is one of the best upcoming artist in the game. Bringing us his own unique hiphop swagger & electrifying electro shocking sounds, this talented artist grows and gets better and better on every song he releases. Everytime we hear one of his tracks from his "HEAVENS FALL OUT" mixtape, available for FREE at: we get mad hype and start dancing all over the place! Listen to the track and tell us what you think. P.s. LaFemme is on it Owwwwww! lol

For more Music from Mickey Factz visit

**Big Shout Out to Mickerz, he is 200% behind StreetCosignor and a TRUE Rider! We Love You Mr.Factz!

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