Friday, February 15, 2008

Label Drops Amerie

Columbia Records dropped Amerie from the label. This is something I felt should've been done along time ago. I actually thought she would leave them before they gave her walking papers, but who know what kind of contract they had. Amerie was more an international star than a star in the United States. I never got that that. Maybe Columbia was to busy focusing on Beyonce'. Personally I'm tired of that robotic bitch. She's a talented singer, I can't deny that, but on stage she's just so damn EXTRA! I'm hoping that the reason they let Amerie go wasn't a bad thing. Usually when one door closes, another door opens. Maybe this will be A's big break in the United States. I heard that she's getting ready to sign to another major label. We wish you the Best of Luck Amerie. I'm still waiting for her album "Because I Love it" to be get released in the States. SMH, It's been out overseas sing September '07

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