Thursday, February 28, 2008

Producer Static Major dies

Static Major, original name Stephen Garret, died unexpectedly on February 25th, 2008 in his hometown of Louisville Kentucky. He was 32.

The cause of death is under investigation. But OHWC cited the radio stations as reporting that Major's death might be caused by an allergic reaction (a brain aneurysm) brought on from a shot given to him for a persistant flu virus.

Static is a prolific  African-American producer and R&B singer/song-writer who worked with the likes of artists such as Aaliyah, Ginuwine, Destiny's Child, Jay Z , Lil Wayne ,David Banner,  Brandy, and JoJo.

Heres a list of  some of the songs Static Major helped make from 1996 to 2008.

  • 1996: "Pony" for Ginuwine
  • 1998: "Cheers 2 U" for Playa
  • 1998: "Are You That Somebody?" for Aaliyah
  • 1998: "Same Ol' G" for Ginuwine
  • 1999: "Eyes Better Not Wander" for Nicole Wray
  • 1999: "So Anxious" for Ginuwine
  • 2000: "Say My Name (Timbaland's Remix)" for Destiny's Child
  • 2000: "Try Again" for Aaliyah
  • 2000: "Come Back In One Piece" for Aaliyah (featuring DMX)
  • 2000: "Change the Game" for Jay-Z (featuring Memphis Bleek, Beanie Sigel, & Static)
  • 2001: "We Need a Resolution" for Aaliyah
  • 2001: "Loose Rap" for Aaliyah
  • 2001: "Rock The Boat" for Aaliyah
  • 2001: "More Than a Woman" for Aaliyah
  • 2001: "Never No More for Aaliyah
  • 2001: "Read Between The Lines" for Aaliyah
  • 2001: "Those Were The Days" for Aaliyah
  • 2002: "Addictive" for Truth Hurts
  • 2002: "Don't Know What to Tell Ya" for Aaliyah
  • 2004: "Come as You Are" for Brandy
  • 2004: "Sirens" for Brandy
  • 2004: "Crank It Up" for David Banner
  • 2006: "Tell Me" for Diddy (featuring Christina Aguilera)
  • 2007: "On the Hotline" for Pretty Ricky
  • 2007: "Juicy" for Pretty Ricky
  • 2008: " I got my" for Lil Wayne 

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Mike Belgrove said...

We have been talking about the death and contributions of Static over at Highbrid Nation. I really am curious as to the reason why such a talented guy died so suddenly.