Monday, September 29, 2008

Cory Gunz- All About Mine

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Lady Luck vs Rece Steele

After Round 1 I couldnt listen anymore. Luck killed Rece that first round and the crowd violated Rece by booing the shit out of her. She looked like she wanted to cry truthfully.

Now I dont know which scenario occurred first but peep game below. Both these brawds were spitting, Lady Luck cuts in on Rece and Rece snatches the mic out of Luck's hand. Then starts poppin wild shit. All I know is Luck was too calm for me, I wouldve reacted! I'm almost certain that a these bitches got beef now because Rece Steele and her homegirl started acting like birds. I can't beieve I share the same last name as this chick. i hope we aint related. Just watch the video below!

Joell Ortiz - Can't You Tell?

Off Of "Free Agent" Coming Soon. Video directed By Wraithe For Kinetik Cinematix. Produced By Statik Selektah.

Nipsey Hussle- Feat. Yung Berg & Cap 1- Karma

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I'm really feeling this song. Leave some feedback and let us know how you feel about this track.

Its StarRoc!

On September 26th, Jay-Z confirmed his Stargate deal. Rap superstar Jay-Z (Shawn Carter), has teamed up with the Norwegian beatmaking duo, consisting of Tor Erik Hermansen and Mikkel S. Eriksen Stargate to launch a new label. with this collaboration StarRoc has been formed..

In a statement Jay-Z and Stargate say, "The focus is to find new talent and develop artists through mutually beneficial global partnerships which include music distribution, publishing, touring and merchandising."

The new label is linked to Jay-Z's multi-million dollar contract with concert promoters Live Nation, who he will join once he releases his final album on Def Jam, The Blueprint 3, later this year.

Mysonne vs E. Ness

I know who won this battle! ::In Diddy's Voice:: BADDDDDDDDD BOYYYYYYYYY!

Ludacris - Undisputed

This video is Co-starring Floyd Money Mayweather. It's off of the "Theater Of The Mind" album scheduled to drop November 25th 2008.

T-Rex V.S. Tech 9

T-Rex killed this dude! My vote is in! LOL

Shakespeare- Shake is Like (Freestyle)

This is the 1st leak off Shakespeare's mixtape, "A Shakespearean Premier".

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Get Familiar with Shakespeare HERE & HERE !

Grafh Feat. Jim Jones, Bun , Prinz & Jadakiss- Like Ohh (remix)

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Murda Mook & Cassidy Dead Their Beef!

After all these years Cassidy and Murda Mook dead their alleged beef on SMACK dvd

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jessica Mauboy Feat Flo Rida- Running Back

Jessica is an artist from australia that is signed to Sony BMG. Thanks Kas!

Running Back - Jessica Mauboy

Check out more of Jessica's music HERE!

Leave us some feedback on this song!

Estelle is heading to South Africa!

R&B star Estelle will visit South Africa in a bid to raise awareness of the spread of HIV and AIDS among children.
She will be documenting her trip with a video diary in collaboration with Sky News.

Charles Hamilton - Ronald McDonald

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Lee Carr- Breathe

Breathe - Radio - Lee Carr

New music from Mr. Stiletto himself has a new song. Check it out and let us know what you think.

The Jim Jones Trailer

This is the upcoming DVD documentary for "This Is Jim Jones" .....Coming Soon!

T.I. Hits #1 on the Billboard Charts

Congratulations to T.I for having the #1 song on The Billboard Hot 100!!! 

Top 10 Billboard Hot 100 are as followed: 

1. T.I. “Whatever You Like”
2. Pink “So What”
3. Kanye West “Love Lockdown”
4. Rihanna “Disturbia”
5. Taylor Swift “Love Story”
6. M.I.A.’s “Paper Planes”
7. Ne-Yo “Closer”
8. T-Pain “Can’t Believe It”
9. Katy Perry “Hot N Cold”
10. Estelle “American Boy”

New Music: Trey Songz "Bust My Window"

Trey Songz responses back to Jazmin Sullivan's new single "Bust Your Windows". Check both songz out below!!!!

Kanye West, Diddy & 50 Cent Auction their Diamonds

If you ever wanted to be iced out like the rappers, Then this is your perfect chance to do it. Phillips De Pury & Co.(Hip-Hop Crown Jewels) will be having a huge auction in NYC next spring 2009. Phillips De Pury will sell off the high priced jewelry of the hottest rappers, Including personal jewelry from Kanye West, Diddy and 50 Cent. 

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Avril Lavigne & Meatloaf

September 27, 1984

Im With You - Avril Lavigne

September 27, 1947

I Would Do Anything For Love - Meat Loaf

New Video: Janelle Monae

New Video For Janelle MonĂ¡e Third Single "Many Moons" Off Here Recently Re-Released Album As A Special Edition "Metropolis Suite I of IV: The Chase" In Stores Now!!!!.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Electric Punnany Part 5

Monday September 29th.. Its GOING DOWN B!

Music by our nigga Melo-x & our girl Jasmine Solano

If you liked 1-4 , You know Part 5 is going to be BOOKOO BANOODLES!

Happy Birthday Olivia Newton-John & Christina Milian

Sept 26, 1948

Lets Get Physical - Olivia Newton John

Sept 26, 1981

Dip It Low - Christina Millian

Skyzoo Archives # 5 : Rise And Shine & Picture Perfect!!

So this time, i’m giving yall a 2 for 1 bonus. The 5th installment or Skyzoo Archives is 2 joints on one day; “Rise & Shine-2005″ and “Picture Perfect-2005″, both produced by Khrysis. A few weeks back I mentioned a trip that I took to NC in 2005 when I first met the the Justus League. Khrysis, 9th, Fatin and I all worked on a ton of joints together that no one’s ever heard. The 2 joints attached are from that trip. “Rise & Shine-2005″ is me describing one going after their goals and the idea of drive (or lack thereof). “Picture Perfect-2005″ is more story telling and painting pictures. So here they are, “Rise & Shine-2005″ & “Picture Perfect-2005″, both produced by Khrysis. Check them out while I go write some more of this album. Remember, “The Salvation” is coming 4th/1st qtr. Holla

Rise & Shine!!!


Picture Perfect!!!


The Mills "Love Lockdown" Dance Remix

The Mills "Love Lockdown" dance remix!!!! This has to be the best remix i heard so far, its definitely good for the clubs etc... I heard this remix in a party last week and i was like i need that on the blog ASAP!!! I hope you guys enjoy it. Thanx to B.R.E.A.K Ent. for sending that track over!!!  CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD!!!

The Knux- Bang Bang!

G- Dep - Stay Up

Stay Up is off the Deponomics Mixtape

Wow.. Where he come from? He was on the Lee-Low.

Jazmine Sullivan- Bust Your Windows

When I first heard "Bust Your Windows" by Jazmine Sullivan, the first thing I said was This shouldve been the first single! Then I thought damn this bitch really must've went threw a major personal experience. I'm cosigning this song because I know within the next two weeks it'll be every scorned bitches anthem and every nigga who scorned a bitch or is currently doing some scorning worst song! The song is hot to death but I wouldn't encourage a bitch to go bustin niggas car windows unless you real slick with it.. lol. It'll only get you 3 things:
1. A smile on your face for that moment.
2. Locked up
3. Or FUCKED up by the nigga who's car you busted! LMGDAO!

Off Jazmine Sullivan's New album "Fearless" I bring you: "Bust your Windows"
Go cop the album in stores now! The shit is SICK!!!!

Bust Your Windows - Jazmine Sullivan

I bust the windows out ya car
And no it didn’t mend my broken heart
I’ll probably always have these ugly scars
But right now I don’t care about that part
I bust the windows out ya car
After I saw you laying next to her
I didn’t wanna but I took my turn
I’m glad I did it cause you had to learn…
I must admit it helped a little bit
To think of how you’d feel when you saw it
I didn’t know that I had that much strength
But I’m glad you see what happens when…
You see can’t just play with people’s feelings
Tell them you love them and don’t mean it
You’ll probably say that it was juvenile
But I think that I deserve to smile
I bust the windows out ya car
You know I did it cause I left my mark
Wrote my initials with the crowbar
And then I drove off into the dark
I bust the windows out ya car
You should feel lucky that that’s all I did
After five whole years of this bullshit
Gave you all of me and you played with it
Oooh, ahh…
I must admit it helped a little bit
To think of how you’d feel when you saw it
I didn’t know that I had that much strength
But I’m glad you see what happens when…
You see you can’t just play with people’s feelings
Tell them you love them and don’t mean it
You’ll probably say that it was juvenile
But I think that I deserve to smile
But it don’t comfort to my broken heart
You could never feel how I felt that day
Until it happens baby you don’t know pain
Oooh, Yeah, I did it (Yeah I did it)
You should know it (You should know it)
I ain’t sorry (I ain’t sorry)
You deserved it (You deserved it)
After what you did to me (After what you did)
You deserved it (You deserved it)
I ain’t sorry (I ain’t sorry)
No, no, oh… (I ain’t sorry)
You broke my heart
So I broke ya car
You caused me pain (You caused me pain)
So I did the same
Even though all that you did to me was much worse
I had to do something to make you hurt, yeah
Oh, but why am I still cryin’?
Why am I the one whose still cryin’?
Oh, oh, you really hurt me baby
You really, you really hurt me baby
Hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey
Now watch me yule
Now watch me yule
I bust the windows out ya car…

***ALSO, Check out a nother song off the Fearless Album called Lions, Tigers & Bears... This shit is HARD!

Lions & Tigers - Jazmine Sullivan

Wordspit Performing at NewYork City's College

Check out Wordspit's Myspace Page for more of his music!

Remo Da Rapstar- My World


T-Pain - Chopped & Screwed Feat. Ludacris

Chopped & Screwed (feat. Ludacris) - T-Pain

Kanye West 808s & Heartbreak coming sooner than expected!!!


Santogold Covers Missbehave Magazine!!!

Candid Shot: Kanye West

Kanye West at the Comedy Central Emmy awards party in L.A!!!!

John Legend Evolver Album Cover

John Legend's third studio album is titled "Evolver" Due out October 28th!!!

New Music: Kid Sister "Family Reunion" feat David Banner

Kid Sister and David Banner teamed up to bring you "Family Reunion"!! This song is featured in Kid Sister's upcoming album Dream Date, released sometime in November. 

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Who Run This feat. Jay-z (Prod. by Babygrande)

Who Run This feat. Jay-z (prod. Babygrande) - Jadakiss

A. Pinks Freestyle

Shout out to Steve-o from Best of Both Offices!

DROP it Like itz Hot: Bri Beauty

Swag Kidz member Ms. Bri Beauty of the hit song "5000 and her new single "Do the Beauty" gave Street Cosignor a drop at the "You Wildin Cuz I'm Stylin" (Teenage Takeover) party in Queens, New York.

Special thanks to V.I.P Poppy for the party invite. It was very entertaining and fun watching all the teens "gettin lite"

Photo Taken by: A Blackanese Doll

Will.I.Am Feat. Angelique Kidjo- In My Name

This is a hot song! Angelique Kidjo killed it. Pay close attention to all the cameos in this video! ;-)

Murda Mook Freestyle On Famous Radio

Heltah Skeltah - Ruck N Roll

Produced by Rik Cordero

D.I.R.T. album in stores Tuesday September 30th!

New Music: Max B "Disturb Money" featuring Rihanna

New Music from Max B rapping over Rihanna's Disturbia track. He wildin out in this track, let me know what you think. 

New Music: Pitbull "Satisfaction" feat. Lil John, Deepside & Sameer ( Dj Pauki remix)

New Music from Pitbull titled "Satisfaction" feat. Lil John, Sameer & Deepside. 

Candid Shot: Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke at the premiere party for Manhattan Magazine in NYC.

Michael Jackson Tribute Album In The Works

Quincy Jones told Fox News that he is working on a Michael Jackson tribute album scheduled for release next spring. About two dozen of Hip Hop & R&B artist will be recording songs for the compilation. 

"We are trying to set up something for Mariah Carey now". "As of now, Jackson has no plans to participate in the project". 

Jermaine Dupri's 36th Birthday Party!!!

J.D celebrated his birthday party this week in NYC. I heard he was so twisted Janet and some friends had to carry him out the club. Special guests included Ne Yo, L.A. Reid, Ice-T and many more. 

Love is in the Air & the BAND Too!

On this week's episode of Making the Band 4, Dawn gets all bashful when her group members bring up the "L" word & tries to put a front. I dont know who she thinks she fooling.

Que decides to romance the shit out of Dawn when they reunite in vegas, by bringin a chapter in one of her favorite romance novels to life. He did the roses, champagne, bubble bath, dinner, sang to her & all that. He really went in!


Wednesday, September 24, 2008


Fonzworth Bentley showed love to at a event in NYC!!!

Kanye West's "Alligator Boots" Puppet Show Preview

Check out a preview from Kanye West's puppet show that will be airing in comedy central!!!

Rewind That: Dmx ft Sisqo - What these bitches want

This was my shit!!, i stayed playing this track over and over again!!! This was when DMX  and DruHill were poppin!!!

Skyzoo Archives # 4 : True Romance

For this 4th installment of “Skyzoo Archives”, I present to you “True Romance-2004″, produced by 9th Wonder. As some of you may know, 9th and I have a history as far as making dope story joints together (ie: Cloud 9, etc). He’s like the Toomp to my TI. This one though is a joint I did before I even met him. It was one of those leaked beats of his that were all over the net back when 9th first popped off. This one is a deep/emotional story joint. Filled with characters, plots, locations, sound effects, the works. I can count on one hand the amount of people who’ve heard this, so this one is SUPER rare. “True Romance-2004″, produced by 9th Wonder. P.S: wait ’til ya’ll hear what we did for “The Salvation”. Smh. Holla

Clay Aiken Covers People Magazine

American Idol star Clain Aiken finally confesses that he's gay!!! Is anyone one surprised??? 
Check out Clain Aiken in the New issue of  People magazine, talking about his life, music etc....

Candid Shot: Rihanna & Usher!!!

Rihanna was seem coming out a studio in London!!!

Usher was spotted in the LAX airport with lil Usher!!

New Music: Omarion "Boogie Police" featuring Missy Elliott

New track from Omarion featuring Missy Elliott "Boogie Police" 

Exclusive Joint!!! Jim Jones, Pusha T, Freeway & Fabolous "Swagger Like us"

New Music : Jim Jones, Pusha T , Freeway & Fabolous "Swagger Like Us" (Noodle Remix)

Hott! collaboration in this track,I would've never imagine having them all together in a song.
Dope freestyle!!!