Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Video: Lil Mama feat. Chris Brown & T-Pain

Lil Mama is back and the girl is on fire!!!!!! The song is hott , The video is hott , The choreography is on point, Sheesh what more can i say!!!!!! Just watch the video so you can see what I'm talking about.  "Shawty get loose" is her third single from her upcoming album voice of the young people.

Candid shots

Last week after a show i bumped into Anthony Lewis aka Man of all trades and Rick Caps head of radio & promotion at Atlantic records/Skyzoo manager in the streets of NYC. I love bumping into my friends and making them take pictures. Anthony Lewis would like for everyone to watch out for upcoming hip hop artist Skyzoo iTunes Mixtape . If you don't know about Skyzoo please get with the program!!!! Check out Anthony at :
SC loves you Crazy A.Lewis Haaaa!!!!!!!
ps: dont forget to google skyzoo you can also find him

P.L.U.M. : McDonald's Employee

Yes you read that right, McDonald's employees love us more. Sterling aka "oh my god I'm so nervous" was so excited to take our order he even gave us some free food out the menu. He was like "hey are you guys celebrities or something "we were like "No" he says "so what do you guys do ?" we say "we are music journalist we write for streetcosignor" he's like "wow give me the link so i can check on my phone". So he gets off the register and goes on his break to check the site. He says " omg like your site is so cool , omg omg I'm so nervous to be sitting with you guys" we're like "are you ok?" he says "omg i never really been so close to like.. omg I'm so nervous , you guys are like celebrities , I'm so scared" so we started laughing . He was like "how can i be in your site?" we say " If you hold up our sign you can be on it" He says " OMG I'm so nervous , i can't believe I'm gonna take a picture and be on your site.........

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Triko Takeover NYC

SC was invited to be part of clothing line Triko big sale event in NYC . The Triko Takeover was a huge success. Many Triko fans came out to support and pick up some clothes , goodie bags etc...

The atmosphere was dope we had so much fun. Music was provided by London Socialite KESH , Rahsaan and Dj Melo - X . Performances by Rahsaan &  Jae. All upcoming companies including us!!! were Photographed By Dj Melo- X which is also a photographer. Shout out to Sais , Ryan and King Stampede for holding it down at the event. Take a look at some of the pics taking by me!!

Rewind That: Annie Lenox

"No More I Love Yous" was and always will be a beautiful song. I love Annie Lenox's music. The scottish beaux is still making songs today and performing all over the world. She's known for her hit singles, There must be an Angel, Who's that Girl?, & my personal favorite Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) and YES Nas did sampled her chorus! I keep telling yall, I'm not the one to mess with when it comes to music TRUE STORY

Is Fat Joe Popped?

Fat Joe is expected to release his eighth solo album this year, however his paper may not be long.

According to internet reports, the real Elephant in the Room might be near $150,000 deep Joey Crack is in to the tax man.

Official state documents report that the rapper (born Joseph Cartagena) owes the IRS $70,000 while his company Terror Squad Productions is back $70,494.52 in taxes. I don't know what's wrong with these rappers these days. I know one thing, he won't be makin it rain on them hoes, no more messing with the tax man. I fuck with a lot of people, but the people I know NOT to fuck with is the I, the R, and the S!

The Release date for "The Elephant in the Room" is in early March. It will feature appearances from Diddy, Rick Ross, Fabolous and production from Scott Storch, Cool & Dre, DJ Khaled, Nate "Danja" Hills and The Runners.

New Video : Leona Lewis

For you guys that are not familiar with Leona please get with the program. Leona is a upcoming artist from the U.K . She has been compared to Beyonce , Celine Dion ,Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. Leona was discovered in a british talent show called " The X factor" produced by American Idol Simon Cowell , who was also a judge on the show. Leona is so serious that her first U.K album went platinum in over 5 weeks and her first single broke a world record by being downloaded 50,000 times in 30 minutes. Now Leona wants to do the same in the U.S, with her album titled "Spirit" coming out April 8th. Do you think she's hott enough to take over the U.S????? Check out her video for "Bleeding love" 

Diddy In Search of a Personal Assistant

We can't just can't get enough of this guy. Not only does he have a hit reality show on MTV, but Sean "Diddy" Combs is launching a new reality TV series for VH1. He's looking for a 24/7 personal assistant with the "whatever it takes attitude". Open casting will be held in all major cities across the country. All contestants must be atleast 21 years of age.

I'll have to bow and take my hat off to anyone who can deal with Diddy, because that's one nigga you can't play around with. That walk to Juniors alone is wild. Hell I won't even go get my own cheescake when I'm craving it. lol

Forbes 2007's 20 highest paid female musicians!!!!!

The results on this list are crazy. Maybe next year the ladies from streetcosignor can be up on it. Hey you never know LOL!!!!

Here it goes....
1. Madonna - $72 million
2. Barbra Streisand - $60 million
3. Celine Dion - $45 million
4. Shakira - $38 million
5. Beyoncé - $27 million
6. Gwen Stefani - $26 million
7. Christina Aguilera - $20 million
8. Faith Hill - $19 million
9. Dixie Chicks - $18 million
10. Mariah Carey - $13 million
11. Hilary Duff - $12 million
12. Avril Lavigne - $12 million
13. Martina McBride - $12 million
14. Britney Spears - $8 million
15. Carrie Underwood - $7 million
16. Nelly Furtado - $7 million
17. Fergie - $6 million
18. Jennifer Lopez - $6 million
19. Sheryl Crow - $6 million
20. Norah Jones - $5.5 million

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Video Premiere : Jay -Z "Pray"

Jay Z has premiered his video for his third single "Pray" . The video was directed by Jason Goldwatch. This song was produced by P.Diddy's and his team Hitman . It samples Hank Marvin "New Earth". This song features his wifey Beyonce and BadBoy artist Cheri Dennis. This song is okay its not one of my favorites out the album. I would've pick another song as my third single. Take a quick guess let me know what song you think i would've picked. 

Black Thought killed it in the studio

Black Thought from the group The Roots killed it live in a studio in Japan . This video shows him working on a new song for The Roots upcoming album "Rising Down" coming soooon . 

Ashanti's album pushed back

Poor Ashanti , her fourth album Declaration keeps getting pushed back. She had a couple of singles out there like " Switch" feat. Nelly , "Hey Baby" and her latest "The way that i love you" she had people thinking her album was coming out soon. But there are rumors circulating that it may drop sometime in June.  check out her latest single " The way that i love you" . 

Monday, January 28, 2008

Estelle feat. Kanye West coming soon

Check out some pics for Estelle upcoming video " American Boy" feat Kanye West . This U.K sensation is going to be doing some big things this year. Estelle is John's Legend first artist from his label HomeSchool. I heard the video was shot in my hometown of Brooklyn, N.Y
While you re waiting for the video to premiere , check out her track "American Boy" below....


New Video: Erykah Badu

Check out my girl Erykah Badu new video for her single " Honey" . This video is so Erykah. Warning!!!! I jumped out of my seat at the end of this video. Make sure you save your pennies to get the album on February 26th . 

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Live Mechanics X Complex Event at Hiro

SC wants to shout out Jahream for holding down this great event. The performances were off the hook, which included Mickey Factz , Kid Cudi , Hypnotic Brass and many more. Shout out to Chuck Inglish from the Cool Kids for holding it down on Mickey Factz set. Check out some pics taken by me!!!!

Shall We Dance: WuTang Dance

Check out these little girls in a dance battle doing the WuTang Dance. The WuTang dance originated from Baltimore, MD at the end of 2007. However, it hasn't hit New York City yet!

If you didnt catch on to how the dance is done check out KeKe doing the WuTang!

We want to see YOU do the WuTang dance. Submit a video of you, your momma, your daddy, Uncle Ray, god children, your cousins cousin's baby mother etc.... doing the dance.
Email us at STREETCOSIGNOR@GMAIL.COM doing the WuTang and we will post it on our blog under the "Shall We Dance" category.

Mic Check : Rahsaan a.k.a. God's Favorite Rapper

This weeks Mic Check goes to Rahsaan of Renegade Music/G-Town Music Group. A Brooklyn native, Rahsaan has proven to be one the hottest emcees coming up, not to mention he's one of the greatest performers I've seen on stage thus far. This Guyana born native, is a former menswear designer/spokes model for MECCA USA, which won his collections features on cast members in HBO's TV series THE WIRE. He has opened up on the road for Young Jeezy, Keysha Cole, Dipset, Talib Kwali and he list continues. He was the winner of SO SO DEF's Future Star Talent Search, and flown to Atlanta, GA to perform at Jermaine Dupri's Birthday Party. He has also done some acting in commercials for both BET and MTV. In 2007 he released a Street Album titled God's Favorite Rapper, which included two of my favorite tracks"Little Ghette Boy" and "Nigga What".

On Wednesday January 30, 2008, Rahsaan will be receiving an award at the 1st Annual Underground and Indie (U-N-I) Award Show for BEST MALE SOLO PERFORMER for 2007, brought to you by Shining Star Productions and Music Notes Magazine. This event will take place at Club Snitch, 59 W. 21st Street, New York, N.Y. at 8:00pm. StreetCosignor will be in the building!

Mr. A&R
Uploaded by irapstar

BET pays tribute to Smokey Robinson

Join the United Negro College Fund (UNCF) as it pays tribute to famed singer, songwriter, producer, record executive and one of the creators of the legendary Motown sound, William "Smokey" Robinson. Tune in for this commercial-free special, “An Evening of Stars: Tribute To Smokey Robinson,” Sunday, Jan. 27, at 10 p.m. (ET/PT)

I'm a big fan of Smokey's, so if you have my number and plan on calling me around the time the show airs.....DON'T!

More Wutang Beef

Shyheim decided to diss Raeqwon after a Wutang concert. Apparently Diddy was going to give Shyheim a drop and Raeqwon shamed him EARLY!

Sisqo & Bobby Brown gone country

According to ,Gone Country  uproots seven musical celebrities (Bobby Brown, Carnie Wilson, Dee Snider, Diana DeGarmo, Julio Iglesias Jr, Maureen McCormick and Sisqo) and moves them into a Nashville mansion together to embark on a two-week adventure, hosted by singer/songwriter John Rich. Each celebrity is paired up with some of Nashville's finest songwriters in an attempt to prepare them for a career in country music. In each episode, the cast competes against each other in challenges that will test them musically and physically to adapt to a country music lifestyle, both on and off the stage. At the end of the two weeks, the artist that is most prepared to impress a country audience, as determined by Rich, will record and release a song. For the people that don't watch the country music channel get up on that. I cant wait to see Bobby Brown and Sisqo wild out on the show. 

Friday, January 25, 2008

Danity Kane cover King Magazine

Danity Kane is covering the pages of march/april issue of King.  They doing there thing 2008 . Make sure you check them out in the reality show Making the band on MTV. 

Erykah Badu album cover is dope!!!

Here’s the cover for Erykah Badu’s upcoming album New Amerykah Part One (4th World War), dropping February 26th. This album cover is dope!!!! The art work is banoodles. Pay close attention to the art work surrounding her face . She shows snapshots of issues that goes on daily in america.

View the album’s official tracklisting below. 

1. “Amerykahn Promise”
2. “The Healer / Hip-Hop”
3. “Me”
4. “My People”
5. “Soldier”
6. “The Cell”
7. “Twinkle”
8. “Master Teacher”
9. “That Hump”
10. “Telephone”
11. “Honey” (Bonus)

P.L.U.M. : Hasan Insane

This is one my favorite upcoming producers. Hasan Insane has been making beats for almost 10 years. He's graduate from Five Towns College and well known on the streets. I first heard Hasan in 2004 when he released the "The Pink Album" a remix of Jayz's Black Album. Following that in 2005 he released "Perfect Strangers" a mixtape with Nas and Jay-Z's accapellas over his beats. He has worked with Tape Masters Inc., Skyzoo, Mickey Factz, Jesse Boykins, and the list goes on.

The Triko Takeover

Shall We Dance: MJ vs Spike the Rabbit

Yall can't mess with me! I pull shit out the attic and the basement. This clip is from the movie Moonwalker. Michael Jackson battles it off with Spike the Rabbit to the song "Speed Demon"

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Rewind That: The Boys

"Dial My Heart" was the jam! I believe I was in 5th or 6th grade at the time. Still playing vinyls. The Roger Rabbit was the dance out, and these 4 boys won the hearts of many little girls. I had a huge crush on Hakim.

The Abdulsamad brothers, better known as the boys, Khiry, Tajh, Hakim, and Bilal were multi-talented. Not only were they electrifying on the stage, they wrote songs and produced themselves- Motown's youngest producers ever.
Nobody but insiders knew what happened to The Boys, as they seemingly vanished from the face of the earth. I thought that Motown dropped them, but to my surprise they dropped Motown.

Believe it or not The Boys are still in the entertainment business. They relocated to Gambia on the West Coast of Africa after being inspired by Alex Haley's "Roots". Only Hakim and Bilal made Gambia their place of residence.

Today Khiry lives in Los Angeles working in film and video production. Tajh lives in Atlanta, Georgia as do their parents, and is working in merchandising. With the help of mom and dad, they invested in real estate and owns Grand Oak Villas, a retirement community in Pensacola, Florida. Hakim and Bilal operate to reording studios in Gambia, where they produce themselves and locals.

Clyde & Harry Interview

SC: Names

Clyde: I’m Clyde

Harry: & I’m Harry

SC: How old are yall?

Clyde: Ummm……Young

Harry: 35

SC: How did yall get into production?

Clyde: Well me, had musical training since I was 6yrs old & Harry told me he wanted to produce music one day

Harry: When I was in I was in Junior High School

Clyde: So I started teaching him music & that’s how it happened

Harry: I didn’t have any musical training

SC: So yall related?

Clyde: Yeah that’s my brother

Harry: That’s my brother

SC: So how long have you guys been working together as Clyde & Harry Productions?

Harry: Since we’ve been in Junior High, That’s when niggas started getting serious? We were like 12 yrs old & started going hard with it, playing around with Drum Machines & stuff like that out of mom’s house

SC: What is it like working together as brothers? Do you argue? Dou you fight?

Harry: Oh yeah, we do all that

Clyde: All the time man

Harry: I mean that’s apart of a relationship

SC: Who be getting beat up?

Harry: Both of us

SC: (laughs)

Clyde: You trying to split the team up already

SC: Are there any producers that you would compare yourselves to if you could? & why?

Clyde: I don’t think I compare myself to any ONE producer. I think like maybe a mixture of producers. But that’s natural for every producer and artist.
Harry: We just don’t have one that we’re influenced by. We’re influenced by all different types of music. Our production is a wide variety. We just don’t have one sound. We have different thing that we like to do.

SC: Which producers do you like?

Clyde: Of course Timbaland, I’m a big J.D. fan personally, I like Jermaine Dupri. I like all the music he writes. Look at all the Usher stuff and Mariah Carey; they wouldn’t be anything with out him.

SC: What equipment do you guys use?

Clyde: Secret

SC: Well damn (laughs)

SC: How long does it usually take you to produce a beat?
Clyde: I’ve made beats in like 20 seconds & sometimes it takes me 20days, nah mean

SC: Wow

SC: What artists have you made beats for?

Clyde: Right now, hot record that we made a beat for is for Kapps whose now (Theophilus London) the “Invisible Man” joint, we got a couple other joints with Kapps, Denim, Hicks, Chris Cassanova it’s a lot of them

SC: What artists are you looking forward to working with in the future? Signed or Unsigned. Like whom would you like to have a Clyde & Harry beat in their studio?

Clyde: Me personally, Lauryn Hill or Maxwell

SC: Owww! I love Maxwell!

SC: What do you most like about your profession? & what do you least like about it?

Harry: The freedom to create what you want. You don’t have a boss and you don’t have a schedule

Clyde: The least thing I like about it is the money. The money messes everything up.

Harry: It messes up your creativity, it just messes up everything

SC: When you’re not making beats, what do you do in your spare time?

Clyde: Writing hooks or recording

SC: Do you guys go to school?

C&H: Nah

SC: Now we always see Clyde on the scene, everywhere, Sputnik, and different showcases & Shit? Harry Where you be at B? Where you be at Humping or Working? We want to know!

Harry: Working

SC: All day?

Harry: All Day

SC: Because it looks like Clyde is the outgoing one and you’re the quiet one. Or am I wrong? Is it the total opposite?

Clyde: This is definitely “Silent Bob”, he’s on his grind. But he’s just not talking about it.

SC: How would you describe your style of music?

Clyde: Oh I don’t have a description of style of music. I can do just about anything.

SC: Clyde I always hear you beat boxing at your shows, how long have you been doing that?

Clyde: I don’t beat box. It’s just a little show routine that I always do with Live Wire and I tried it once with Demin. Harry does all the beat boxing.

SC: Ahhhh, so Harry’s the one? Harry how long have you been doing it?

Harry: That’s actually how I started getting into production. You know how people walk around and sing the songs, I would do the beat. People would say, “Yo, you should start making beats”. That’s when I came to my brother and said, Yo, Lets do this”.
SC: I was at Katra, and Clyde was there performing. I was paying attention to the crowd and the ladies were staring at him hard. I want to know what yall status is, are you single? Are you in a relationship?

Clyde: It’s music man

Harry: yeah that’s my girlfriend

Clyde: That’s so clichĂ© right? Everybody says that. I’m gonna have to come up with another answer for that.

SC: Yes, you need a new one!

SC: Do you guys smoke?

Clyde: Nah

SC: If you guys were to take girls out, what is your ideal date?

Clyde: As long as I’m not in the cold, it’s ideal

Harry: Doesn’t Matter as long as I’m with a girl that doesn’t talk too much

SC: (laughs)

SC: If you guys saw a girl that you were interested in, how would you approach her? How would you get the number?

Clyde: It depends on who she’s staring around, it depends on a lot. Shit it depends on the season. You got to check me in July and I’ll let you know then

SC: Harry, what about you?

Harry: …………

SC: Aight mute man I’ll come back to you

SC: I recently interviewed Kapps and I asked him, what producers he wanted to work with , he said Timbaland and someone else was mentioned. He said he wanted to stick with his family, Clyde & Harry and some other cat. How does that make you feel that Kapps considers you his family and that he’s showing loyalty to you guys?

Clyde: It’s all good. That feels good nah mean, it’s rare in this game that you find loyalty. But if we were making wack tracks, we wouldn’t be family. I love him to death, but that’s with anybody. He’s definitely a talented young man.

SC: Harry?

Harry: ………..

SC: Underground Cosigning?

Clyde: I read you’re other interviews and I see other artists cosigning other artists, so I’m cosigning producers! I’m not talking about the Kapps’ and Mickey Factzs’. I’m cosigning producers. I like Precize, and I’m not just saying that because he’s apart of what you’re doing. I really like Precize’s work. I like that “Supra” joint. It’s dope. I’m cosigning another producer I like, his name is Avenue. And I’m cosigning Harry.

Harry: Hicks, he’s sick! I’m not just saying that because he’s our artist, he’s something new for real. Denim and Chris Cassanova.

SC: Street Cosigning?

Clyde: I’m not saying Jay-z because that’s like cosigning Michael Jordan. If I had to cosign a producer in the game today, I’d have to say Jus Blaze, because hes the only producer today, that’s signed, that makes all of his own beats. Timbaland has a production team. Polow da Don who had 2 or 3 hits, has his own production team.

Harry: This is our production team right here. It’s just us.

SC: The Brothers….Brothers!!!!

StreetCosignor Tube: We were able to get a few snippets of beats out of Clyde & Harry

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

N.E.R.D - Everyone Nose

Well the super duper creative Band N.E.R.D composed of Pharrell Williams, Chad Hugo and Shay Haley will be releasing their 3rd studio album N.3.R.Din the 2008 and here’s the first track to leak.  

P. Diddy wants to change his name again??

Gosh Puffy , Combs, Diddy , Sean , Mr. i cant make my mind up. 
P.Diddy has stated in a interview that he would like to change his name to Sean John. Yeah let's see how long this is gonna last.

Amy Winehouse caught smoking crack

Wow look what fame does to you!!! i really hope all this drug and alcohol don't push back her career. Amy is so talented and unique , that i would hate to see her fall off . Good Luck Amy!!!
Check out her video

Hot 10 playlist

Chris Brown -  With you 

Janet Jackson - Feedback

Fat Joe feat. J Holiday - I wont tell

The Dream - Falsetto

Flo Rida - Low

Trey Songz feat. Plies - Cant help but wait

Styles P - Blow your mind 

Rihanna - Don't stop the music

Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction 

Ryan Leslie feat. Kanye West - Diamond Girl

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Paula Abdul back?????

It's been about 10 years since Paula released any music. Well not anymore , Paula has been working on some new music lately. She doesn't have any plans to come out with an album as of yet, but check out the single she recorded for Randy Jackson's upcoming compilation album.The video for it is even rumored to be premiering at the super bowl in a few weeks. 

Check out her song " Dance like there's no tomorrow"