Thursday, January 31, 2008

P.L.U.M. : McDonald's Employee

Yes you read that right, McDonald's employees love us more. Sterling aka "oh my god I'm so nervous" was so excited to take our order he even gave us some free food out the menu. He was like "hey are you guys celebrities or something "we were like "No" he says "so what do you guys do ?" we say "we are music journalist we write for streetcosignor" he's like "wow give me the link so i can check on my phone". So he gets off the register and goes on his break to check the site. He says " omg like your site is so cool , omg omg I'm so nervous to be sitting with you guys" we're like "are you ok?" he says "omg i never really been so close to like.. omg I'm so nervous , you guys are like celebrities , I'm so scared" so we started laughing . He was like "how can i be in your site?" we say " If you hold up our sign you can be on it" He says " OMG I'm so nervous , i can't believe I'm gonna take a picture and be on your site.........

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