Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ice Cube to Play B.A. Baracus in remake of the A-Team

Ice Cube stated on a few of is recent interviews, that he has NO problem cutting of his Afro that he has been growing for years to reproduce the character that Mr. T originally played. B.A.(Bad News) Baracus was meanest member of the team. It hasn't been confirmed that Cube will definately playing this role, hell Mr. T might wanna play it himself (you never know). Geesh I wonder whose going to play Murddock. I think that should go to Jim Carrey, hands down with NO AUDITION, what you think?

FYI: Ice Cube's movie First Sunday in theatres tomorrow 1/11/08. Starring Ice Cube, Tracey Morgan, Katt Williams, & more.

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