Monday, March 31, 2008

Special Tribute to singer " Selena"

R.I.P Selena (April 19 1971- March 31 1995)
Latin pop/cumbia singer Selena was one of my favorite singers of all time. I was really young when her music career was starting, and i remember standing in front of a mirror trying to sing like her and trying to do all her dance moves. I admired the fact that she composed and wrote most of her songs and that all her songs were so vivid. Her spanish albums lead her to , 2 Grammy awards and she had like 3 #1 songs in the latin billboard charts. She was also one the best looking women ever , she was known for her pear shaped body. I must say that the day she passed away i was crying like a baby lol. It was really sad that she died right before she became an international star , she died as soon as her career shifted to the american market. Selena was killed by the president of her flan club in a Days Inn hotel 3/31/95 , 2 weeks later George w. Bush declared her birthday "Selena day" ( 4/19/71) in Texas. Make sure to check out the "Selena" movie starring Jennifer Lopez , I'm pretty sure they will be playing the movie in your local channels this entire week.  Check out some of her songs. 

The Jawn March madness / 1992 party pics!!!

iphone beat machine

I don't know how to make beats but this iphone drummer, accelerometer and piano aka 3 piece band application is dope , shit i think I'm gonna have to a cop an iphone and that application so i can start making some beats on the train/bus LOL. Nah i don't think i have the patience to make beats, But it's hott for those who wanna makes beats on the go!!

check out some videos i found on YouTube of people gettin it poppin with the iphone drummer and 3 piece band application. 

Sunday, March 30, 2008

New Video: Pitbull feat. Lil john

I might be late with this video , but guess what i don't care lol !!! I went to the club the other day and just heard this song. I love the way Pitbull turns old 80's spanish songs into club bangers. Check out the video for " The Anthem" featuring loud ass Lil John. 

Usher and the family

Quick question , doesn't Usher look like one of  Tameka's kids??? LOL !!!!
 I still think Usher and Tameka look awkward together. 

Leona Lewis hits #1 on the music charts

Congrats  Leona Lewis !!! British singer Leona Lewis scored her first #1 song in the U.S this week with "Bleeding love" which was the biggest selling single in the U.K in 2007. I think this increase in the charts is due to her appearance on Oprah !!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday to Norah jones who turns 29 , Celine Dion turns 40 , MC Hammer turns 46 and Eric Clapton who turns 63.

New Video : G-Unit " Bottom Girl"

Lil Boosie on Fader magazine

Southern rapper Lil Boosie covers april issue of Fader magazine. 

Saturday, March 29, 2008

New Video: Blu & Exile- Blu Collar Workers

Let us know what you think about this video! Shout out to Will!

Scott on the Rocks Presnts...

The Cool Kids & Mickey Factz at SOB's

If you miss this show, then your a loser.... WORD! Shit is going to be WILD CRAZY!

Friday, March 28, 2008

New Music : AC " New Soul"

Check out this new song from upcoming artist AC " New Soul" this song is banoodles!!!!
The Song was produced by Phenom & J. Glaze for mental instruments.
AC is the king of remixes , he's always turning a hot song into a hotter song with his own style. 
You might remember the original song " New Soul" from the mac air commercial by french-Israeli artist Yael Naim. To check out AC site  clickhere

Keyshia Cole- Heaven Sent


Madonna covers Vanity Fair's Green Issue

Pop queen Madonna graces the new cover of Vanity Fair magazine. Madonna still looks good and she about to be 50 soon LOL. 

Mic Check: HaLS

HaLS is a versatile Creative, humorous MC who posseses savy lyrics and honesty in his music, he has the ability to make you feel comfortable around him as well as relate to his struggles no matter what walk of life your from
HaLS pronounced (Haus) was born in Miami, Florida and raised in Syracuse, NY. This talented Mc has a strong love for the hip hop game. He started dappling with Hip Hop back in the early 90’s as child. HaLS was introduced to Hip Hop by his older brother, who use to have HaLS rhyming over Chubb Rock and KRS-one instrumentals. Being raised in a predominately black community HaLS always looked up to a lot of great Hip Hop figures as a voice. Someone who has the same values as he does, coming from the same crime-infested environments so it was easy for him to relate. His father was an alcoholic, always intoxicated, so during his childhood it seemed like he was growing up in a single parent home. He went to the U.S Navy in 2000. His mother not really have any money to support him through school, HaLS was forced to find a new route to make it on his own. So at the time the navy seemed like the only legal answer he can come up with. During His 4 year stint he really started to feel alienated and lonely so he began to take music more seriously and really began to jot down his feelings and memories from what he learned from his environment, as well as his family. When HaLS left the military he continued to write and really put his experiences into music. Hals came out with a mixtape in the summer of 2006, which was received with a lot of great praises. After receiving positive feedback, HaLS continued to pursue music more and more, which eventually led him to a freestyle contest hosted by Ghostface, after winning the competition and realizing his talent HaLS started to send his music out to Dj’s and Records Labels. HaLS drive has landed him on several Dj mixtapes including Dj Green lanterns myspace invasion pt 2. HaLS has just finished up his latest Project called “The BlackLight (the street album)” and it’s been receiving alot of positive energy.

HaLS is a versatile Creative, humorous MC who posseses savy lyrics and honesty in his music, he has the ability to make you feel comfortable around him as well as relate to his struggles no matter what walk of life your from.

Introducing Saint: This is Why We Call Him the Ghost!

Saint, Founder of GFCnewyork breaks down the meaning behind his name "Saint" and the reason he's the ghost of this shit! People are always asking me why he's one of my idols, well this clip is one of the reasons why. He's my friend, fam, inspiration, and one of the smartest niggas I know, and that's True Story. He's also the one who, named me LaFemme.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mary J. Blige Cops a $12.3 Million Dollar Mansion

That's my girl!!! How you peel out $12.3 mill in CASH???? I'm happy with anything positive Mary J. accomplishes. Mary J. Blige has purchased her dreamhouse!
Blige copped a mansion, located in Saddle River, N.J. for a good price (can't be saying good price when millions are involved) after the house, which originally went on the market at $17 mil, dropped in price, according to New York's Daily News.
The newly constructed home is 18,250 square feet and boasts eight bedrooms, a 14-seat movie theater, a fitness center, a hardwood basketball court and an elevator. Modeled after a French country manor, sits on 4.2 acres and also features a gourmet kitchen, eight bathrooms, a spiral staircase and a wine tasting room. Sheesh at the wine tasting room! Mary can I come over???

Takia Miguel: Classically Trained

As most of you know you its real hard out there for female emcees. For one, its not many of them, they too busy trying to sell sex on their tracks, knowing damn well we don't need no more Kim's and Foxy's out there. Well I came across one lovely lady thanks to my friend Nic (wassup), Takia Miguel who's not half naked on her mixtape cover or tlking about fucking and sucking throughout her new mixtape "Classically Trained". I downloaded her mixtape tonight and I'm feeling her swag. Besides the fact that I would've liked to have heard more original beats, her whole swag is hot! She even spiced up some of her tracks up with a lil humor. She's been CoSigned my super producer Omen. Her new mixtape is Cosigned by Dj Mick Boogie and Cipha Sounds, and you know if I'm over here writing about her Street CoSignor is cosigning Ms. Miguel. If we fucking wit it, yall should too, and we ARE fucking wit it, SO FUCK WIT IT!

The Leak #13 K-1 Attack Mickey Factz Feat. Nakim

Here we go again, another week, another leak.

This is the last joint for collab week and it was only
right that my brother Mickey brought in his man, my other brother Nakim from GFCnewyork.
And because we're all about trend setting (Gold
Supra's, Rocksmith, Progressive Hip Hop etc), we
wanted to brand the GFC car: The K-1 Attack.

So for this week we're sleek over the track and yet
there's obvious adrenaline. Just clearing our minds
over a crazy beat. So, enjoy the last joint for collab
month and we'll get back to our regularly scheduled
program next week.

**Any track with Mickey Factz, Nakim, & Steve-o a.k.a. "The Beast"......SHIIIIIIIIIIT.... you should have your will and life insurance policy already written out!

Click here

For those who didn't know, GFCnewyork was out in
Austin, Texas for SXSW. Mickey Factz had a couple of shows out
there with The Cool Kids and we got it on tape. Here's
the youtube clip. Thanx for the love!

Itz Mickey!

Click here

Remy Ma Found Guilty!

Remy Ma and her lawyer Ivan Fisher walked into Manhattan's Criminal Court today (March 27th) with optimistic thoughts. To their surprise, the jury ruled Remy out with a GUILTY verdict. Rem and her attorney was shocked as shit when she was found guilty. She put her head on the desk, while the victim Makeda Barnes Joseph, her mother and other supporter cried happy tears. Remy Ma was handcuffed and escorted out of the court room. A police officer ran to her aid as they heard Remy screaming "Oh My God". Remy's brother was highly upset and started spazzin out about how everyone lied on Rem to the police and on the stand. Remy's lawyer put a request in to Judge Rena K. Uvillier to allow Rem her time at home before sentencing, but the judge denied it.

Remy stood trial for shooting former friend Barnes-Joseph in New York City's Meatpacking district, last July. The incident occurred after Remy discovered $3,000 missing from her purse and accused the plaintiff of stealing the money.

Remy faces up to 25 years in prison. A sentence date has not yet been determined.

Here are my thoughts: Had I been in Remy's shoes, I don't think I would've shot my friend. I may have fucked dat bitch up real bad, but I didn't think shooting her was necessary especially if she was uncertain if Makeda actually stole the money. Now she's facing serious time. I do feel kind of bad for her because of the simple fact that she left her crib today thinking shit was sweet and didn't get to say goodbye to her 8 year old son. Now that's awful. But this is a lesson to be learned, that it doesn't matter how much money you have, how famous or popular you are, it doesn't even matter who the judge or the jurors are. If God says its a wrap for you....... THEN ITS A WRAP FOR YOU. Its all in his hands. SC is keeping Remy Ma in our prayers and our heart especially goes out to her little boy.