Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Def Jam Artist Rocko album release Party

Rocko album release party was in  Room Service NYC last night. The event was a huge success .We had such a great time , we were like the only ones dancing , nobody likes to dance anymore , they just stand their and pop bottles and look at each other all night. Def Jam was in the building , Fabolous , Jermaine Dupri , Naughty by Nature , Ne-Yo and many more. Shout out to Kwazz & Nakim from GFC for styling Rocko and Dj Will for shouting out and promoting streetcosignor the entire night, we love you Will. Make sure to go Cop Rocko Album out in stores today. 

                                       Rocko , LaFemme , E*Star 
 E*Star , Jermaine Dupri , LaFemme , Rocko 
Early ( Retro Kidz ) Fabolous 

     B-Day girl Jenya (Def Jam) , Def jam member 
LaFemme , Shari Bryant ( Marketing Def Jam)
Def Jam street team member 
   E*STAR , Early (Retro Kidz) LaFemme  
Tavon Art Dept. Def Jam
Producer Omen
E*STAR , Early (Retro Kidz)
    Def Jam college promotion  member 
Photographer Johnny Nunez , Pecas Def Jam executive 
E*STAR , Fabolous , LaFemme
Jenya( def jam) ,  E*Star , Dj Envy , LaFemme
   Sur-Fresh Alot(Retro Kidz) , LaFemme 
Dj Will , LaFemme
Early ( Retro Kidz) Treach ( Naught by Nature)
E*STAR , Rapper Red Cafe , LaFemme
Retro Kidz
The Kid Harvey ( So So Def)
    Shampoo( def Jam promo) Dj Don Juan , Steve (DefJam)
Blaine ( Jive Records ) LaFemme
Writer Yorell & Treach ( Naughty by Nature)
   Ron Stewart Jive Records

Rocko, LaFemme, E*Star

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ABM Q-Boro said...

Street Cosignor was definitely in the building! Hope you guys had a great time. -ABM