Friday, March 21, 2008

Flavor Disses Shy One of the Girls on the Flavor of Love Show!

Now I haven't been watching this season of Flavor of Love, but I'm over here chillin at my lil sister's crib and I hear her in the room dying laughing. So she shows me the end of the last episode that aired on Monday, and during elimination, Flav decides to keep it funky with one of the girls named Shy by telling her that her breath stinks! LMAOOO! But he doesn't get rid of her. SMH.. how you tell a chick her breath is humming and still keep her on the show. He shouldn't even want to kiss the brawd after the way he got her!. I know if I was in that situation I wouldn't even give a nigga a second chance. As a matter of fact, once I realized his breath was stink, I'd say " OH no GOTTA GO! Anyone who knows how I hate bad smells will tell you, shit like that I would wild the fuck out! Just watch this clip Flav embarrassed her badly! Peep Rick Flav's bodyguard, who couldn't help to LOL, along with everyone else. LMFAOOOOOOO! I'm sorry shit was too funny!

Thanks for showing me this Nikkelz!

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