Wednesday, April 30, 2008

New Video: Busta Rhymes - Dont Touch Me

Loll... I love it! Bust & Spliff know how to have fun.

2 Pistols Feat. Ray- J -You Know Me

New Video: Busta Rhymes Feat. Lincoln park- We Made It

Black Thought Freestyle on Rap City

This is why Black is listed as one of the Fifty Greatest Emcees in Kool Moe Dee's book "There's a God on the Mic"!

Diddy Receives a Star on For the Walk of Fame

On May 2, 2008 Sean "Diddy" Combs will be honored with a Coveted Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Combs, actor, producer, solo artist, performer, entrepeneur, and now Hollywood Icon will be receiving a tribute for his life-long contribution of both public and peer appreciation in the entertainment industry.

Owwwwwwwww! Go Diddy!

Good Looks Dosh My BFF!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

New Music: Coldplay

Coldplay have released their first single "Violet Hill" today. Their forth album " Viva la vida" will be released in the US June 17, 2008.

Clay Aiken is back on his grind

The former American Idol runner up is releasing his third studio album, On My Way Here on May 6 and says this is his best work to date. Clay’s last album A Thousand Different Ways didn’t quite measure up to the huge success of his first album, Measure of Man. Clay along with his label are hoping that with Clay’s new image and recent success on Broadway

Amy Winehouse and her drama continues....

There has been rumors circulating in the internet world about Amy and her hubby Blake getting divorced. Check out what Amy had to say to a paparazzi :  “I am not divorcing Blake. I am totally in love with him. You’ve seen us together and you know how much we’re in love with each. We’re going to be together for ever. I don’t have a new boyfriend.” 

Soulja Boy talks about his new album "Back to school"

MTV News caught up with Soulja Boy in Atlanta last week to talk about his upcoming Album "Back to school" check out the video. 

Candid Shot: Lil Mama

Lil Mama was looking extra colorful on MTV. 

Spike TV guys choice award

Kanye West and 50 Cent are up against each other on the "Sickest Rhymes" category on Spike TV. Click Here to cast your vote online.

Ashley Simpson May Be Preggers

Singer Ashlee Simpson cleverly avoided saying whether she was pregnant while appearing on the Ellen DeGeneres Show Thursday.
Simpson, 23, recently engaged to rocker Pete Wentz from the band Fall Out Boy, danced around Ellen's question of whether she was expecting. Here's what Ash said:
"Well, that has been going on for quite a while," Simpson said. "That is something that I choose personally not to discuss."

New Music: Skyzoo Feat Wale

Check out a new track from Skyzoo feat Wale " Lyrically inclined" 
Drop some comments, let me know how you feel about this collaboration and track!! 

Monday, April 28, 2008

LLCool J Feat. Jim Jones, KRS-1, Method Man, & Lil Kim - Five Boroughs is Back


New Video: Mickey Factz feat The Cool Kids- Rockin & Rollin (Remix)

Mickey's first video of 2008 has arrived! Embed it, tell all your friends, blog about it, put it on your myspace pages, JUST FUCK WIT!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Silk Stockings

Mickey Factz will be performing here tonight!

Mariah and Nick Cannon??

There may be a new hot couple to tackle the Hollywood scene. The word is spreading like cancer that pop superstar Mariah Carey is dating actor and rapper Nick Cannon. The two reportedly hooked up after Cannon was hired to appear in Carey's new music video, E=MC2. When they asked Mariah she said she didnt know how to answer that! lolll That means she fuckin wit Nick. She needs to stop frontin with her secretive ass! If you wanna get her groove back like Stella, then go on then girl! Nick's a shorto, I can't blame her.

Mickey Factz In Spin Magazine

Hip-hop is not without its unique ironies: Who could have guessed that one of today’s most self-consciously futuristic artists would hail from the storied borough of the Bronx, where the music was born, way back in our 1970s Kodachrome past? The coincidence is not lost on Mickey Factz.
“I’d like to think I’m everything that Afrika Bambaataa would’ve envisioned hip-hop to be in 2008, 2016, or 2030,” says the lanky 22-year-old former paralegal. A lofty ideal, but Factz’s thoughtful, easygoing manner is far from arrogant; what’s more, he’s got the neighborhood bona fides to back up his claim to be the famed hip-hop forefather’s progeny. He attended Bambaataa alma mater Adlai E. Stevenson High School in the East Bronx, which also counts MCs Remy Martin and Drag-On as alumni. The experience was formative for the tricky lyricist and fashion plate, who fiends for kaleidoscopic skater streetwear.
“It was the competition,” says Factz, slouched on a leather couch in a Lower Manhattan restaurant. “A lot of other schools came to ours to battle. Big Pun came by to check us out. If you were somebody in the Bronx, you had to have stomped through Stevenson at least once or twice.” Like Bambaataa, Factz — who grew up on gospel and then graduated to hip-hop as a teen — dismisses the usual musical boundaries. “I want a cross-pollination of all genres, from electro to techno to pop to rock, because the urban communities aren’t listening to just Jay-Z anymore,” he explains. “They’re listening to Linkin Park, Spank Rock, the Cool Kids, Kid Sister, and Panic at the Disco.”
Factz’s 2007 mix tape Heaven’s Fallout demonstrated that eclectic curatorial taste. Few rappers would rhyme over tracks from the Prodigy, R√∂yksopp, and Mark Mothersbaugh’s score for The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou; fewer still possess such a presence and versatility so early in their career. On the Internet-only song “I’m Sean (50 Shots More),” Factz raps from the perspective of Sean Bell, an unarmed man killed by New York police in 2006. But he also jokes about being “too Zoolander for ‘em.”
“I’m just trying to have a good time while bringing a little bit of positivity back,” he says, grinning. And what could be more old-school B-boy than that?
Fast Facts:
Factz’s name derives partially from Natural Born Killers character Mickey Knox: “Mickey loves Mallory Knox and would do anything for her. Hip-hop is my Mallory. And facts are all I try to talk about.”
Factz was suspended from high school for inciting a riot during an MC battle. Later, the principal invited him to rap over the school’s loudspeaker.

Bite Me: Surface v.s. Kool G. Rap feat. Nas

Victim: Surface - Happy (1987)

Biter: Kool G. Rap Feat. Nas - Fast Life (1995)

Electric Punnany

Now you know you can't miss this event!

Street Cosignor will be hosting a Best of Both Worlds, where Electro meets Reggae. That's Right, two of my favorite DJs, Melo-X and Jasmine Solano will battle it out on the 1 & 2's. So fellas bring an extra T-shirt, and ladies break out your best Batty Lick Shawts, because its going down. Prepare to SWEAT!

Nas - War is Necessary

The vocals sound really low, but its Nas so fuck wit it any way.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Nelly, Consequence, and Murphy Lee on Rap City

YO....I'm shell shocked like a ninja turtle! Nelly went the fuck in! I didn't expect the bars he spit to come out of his mouth. Consequence and Murph killed it also, but Nelly had me hype.

G-Unit Speaks on Young Buck in an Interview

New Video: Ne-Yo Closer

Maino and Ed Lover Speak on Bringing Hip Hop Back to NY

Pay close to attention to this video. New York doesn't show New York love in the Hip Hop community. When you look at the South, Midwest, and West Coast, you see them holding each other down! Why don't New Yorkers hold each other down? New York won't come back until we support each other! The best talent comes from New York, but you would never know because niggas are too busy cosigning other states before we cosign our own. When Artists such as Mickey Factz, Curtains, Smoke & Numbers,Skyzoo etc.. have videos shoots, you should see other artists from New York there showing love. What about producers?? Niggas should be getting beats from producers such as Hasan Insane, Precize, and Clyde & Harry Productions

Nina B On Spit Yo Game

New Video: R. Kelly- Hair Braider

Stat Quo- My Ride (Double Bubble)

Maino- Hi Hater

The Cops Who Murdered Sean Bell Get OFF!

Usually I'd wake up on a Friday morning and yell TGIF! Today I woke up saying "R u Fuckin Kidding Me". Before I even turned on my television this morning, I had already received many text and instant messages saying that the officers who gunned down Sean Bell with 50 shots were aquitted today of all charges.
Shit like this pisses me the fuck off. This just proves to me that there will never be justice or peace in this world. Here it is we as minorities are trying to live in a world of SHADES of GREY, but we are forced to still live in a BLACK & WHITE world because we are the constant targets in society. We look at it as murder, they look at it is as one of us out of the way. I'm far from racist, but I have to call it like I see it, and I see and smell Bullshit B!

They announced the verdict, expecting us to act like "niggers" and wild the fuck out so they can beat and lock us the fuck up so they can have more of us in the system! They know what the fuck they doing... trust me they KNOW!

R.I.P Sean Bell


Mickey Factz wrote a song last year title i'm "Sean 50 Shots", where he takes the place of the victim Sean Bell. I hit my brother Mick up today and told him I'd be puttin the song up. So ofcourse Mickey sent it to me with a message to you guys. So here it is:

As some of you may or may not know, Sean Bell of Queens, Ny was murdered senselessly by 3 undercover police officers. Today the case that was supposed to send these cops to jail were acquitted on ALL charges. So basically, the justice system is not labeling discharging 50 shots as a crime, but as a procedure. Which means that every minority walking the streets of America is liable to get pummeled by a barrage of bullets. Me being an artist, I wrote this song in January 2007 and it is clearly as relevant as it was then as it is now. I ask people to listen to the song and pass it along as a testament to the death of Sean Bell. May he rest in peace and condolences go out to his family and friends.

Download below:

Thank you...

Mickey Factz

Vic Damone Feat. Lil Wayne - Hey Lil Mama(Remix)

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mickey Factz - The Leak Vol 1. "The Understanding"

For those who have been following the weekly releases of Mickey Factz's leaks, Mickey put all 16 leaks on a mixtape and titled it "The Leak Vol. 1". Those who arent up on the leaks, here's a gift from Mickey. Don't say he never gave you anything. Enjoy it!

New Video: Alicia Keys - Teenage Love Affair

This video poppin! The video recreated Spike Lee's classic movie School Daze! All I have to say is Derek Luke can GET IT something serious!!!! Oh My Fucking God!

Divorce Court for Swizzy & Mashonda?

Woww!! They've only been married for 4 years and Mashonda is ready to call it quits. There is no specific reason asto why the couple is parting. I liked them as couple.

Estelle Cover Bleu Magazine

Nah Right makes Rolling Stone's Best Blog List!

This is what I'm talking about! If you have no clue what that means, just know its a great achievement for your name and Rolling Stone to be in the same sentence. Congratulations Nah Right!

Lunch Feat. Ray J- Get Em Girl

I dont care for Lunch to Tough! But the hook is catchy and the actual video is cool. The beat is kind of hot, but doesn't it remind you of that Neptunes beat that Busta made a track to & Kelis sang the hook "Busta what it is right now?" Ahhhh yall niggas probly aint peep that shit! Lolll

New Video: Prodigy- Young Veterans

I really don't care for this video & the song made me yawn! Where the fuck is the old P at B? Maybe he'll return when he gets out of jail.

New Video: The Roots Feat. Wale & Chrissette Michelle- Rising Up

Directed By Rik Cordero!

If you stay to ya left of the video, you'll see My Bitch E*Star ALL up in this video! Don't be mad, just step your Networking game up!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Kasual Feat. Bizkit & HP- Lean



Check Out Kasual's new song "Lean" Featuring Bizkit & HP! Produced By Joe Milly representing Strong Island ! Owwwww

This track is Hot, gotta a bitch leaning now! Owwwwww!


Bite Me: Lisa Stansfield v.s. Puff Daddy, Mase

Victim: Lisa Stansfield- All Around the World(1989)

Biter: Puff Daddy, Mase, & Notorious BIG- Been Around the World(1997)

Jordin Sparks Suffers Vocal Injury

A vocal cord hemorrhage has forced pop newcomer Jordin Sparks off the Alicia Keys tour, her record label says. Awww, Jordin SC would like to wish you a healthy and speedy recovery!

On Saturday April 19th, Kelly Clarkson overcame performed for 25,000 Catholics and The Pope in New York.

Its a Wrap Between Kanye & Lexis!!

After an on and off relationship from 2002, Kanye West and fiance' Alexis Phifer have called it quits.

Here's what Alexis said:
“It’s always sad when things like this end, and we remain friends. I wish him the best in his future and all of his endeavors. He’s one of the most talented people I’ve ever met.”

Remy's Sentencing Date Gets Pushed Back

Remy Ma originally expected to get sentenced on April 23rd, but now it has been moved to May 13th (Atleast she will be able to spend Mothers Day with her son). It's been said that she will be getting a 3-5 sentence, a 3-5 is better than 25. Shit her sentence is kind of light.

Khia Tells the Real Reason Behind Being on Miss Rap Supreme

This Brawd kills me! Talkin about she had ONE Mega Hit!! Keyword is ONE! Lmaoooo! Where da fuck the hits at??? SMH!

"Aint No Bitch Aint Did That" lollll! Looks like she was on that short yellow bus with the rest of them. SMHH!

Here's Khia's "MEGA" hit she was talking about. i can't front the shit was poppin in the club back in the days, but you need some more heat baby girl.

Rewind That : LL Cool J " 4,3,2,1"

LL Cool J feat. Redman, Method Man, Cannibus, DMX & Master P . This was the hottest track and the best collaboration in 1997. I remember recording this song on my tape recorder when they played it on Hot 97 and trying to memorize the Lyrics 

so i can go to school and spit it back  to my homeboyz in the hallways, and of course my ass got caught by security and had to go back to class.  

Here's a little history on this Track and the Rivalry between LL & Canibus : 

In the original version of the song, Canibus rapped "Yo L, is that a mic on your arm? Lemme borrow that", referring to LL's Tattoo of a microphone on his arm. LL heard the verse, interpreted it as a diss, and responded to it with his own verse. This essentially created a battle between two MCs in the same song. In an attempt to calm tension, LL later called Canibus to say he saw the line as disrespect, and asked him to change it, to which Canibus complied. LL did not remove his verse, believing that with Canibus' verse gone no one would know who he was referring to in his verse. However, the original version of the song was leaked to the public. This would set up a rivalry .Canibus released his single "Second Round K.O.", containing lyrics dissing LL, who later responded with "Ripper Strikes Back." In this song he not only dissed his producer Wyclef ,but went on to berate ex-friend Mike Tyson for appearing on "Second Round K.O." LL did another diss, with "Back Where I Belong" featuring Ja Rule .Canibus replied to both tracks with his "Rip the Jacker" using LL's "I'm Bad" backing track.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Air Yeezy

A collab between Nike and Kanye West! These shits better come in my size. I actually fuck with these joints.

New Video: Bun B Feat. Sean Kingston - That's Gangsta

R.I.P Pimp C

New Video: Kidz in the Hall - Driving Down the Block

Nas- Be A Nigger Too

"They like to strangle niggers, blame a nigger, shootin niggers, hang a nigger still you wanna BE A NIGGER TOO!"

Ain't that the Mutha Fuckin Truth! This is why Nas is my favorite emcee! This why he'll always be my NIGGER!

Bobby Valentino- Sexy Girl

Ill NaNa's First Day Home

All Hip Hop got to chill with Foxy Brown on her first day home from jail.

Welcome to Nigger World

::Sings::Nas is coming.....

Stalley's Mixtape Release Party

I was told that it's going to be a ZOO in there!

New Video: AC ft. Trife Da God- Trapped n the Island

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mass Appeal 50th anniversary party pics

Mass Appeal celebrated their 50th issue with a release party at Rebel NYC last week. Live performances by Kid Cudi & Killer Mike, John Brown plus sets from DJ Sure Shot and DJ Treats. 

Guns N Butta


Directed By: Steven Fuckin Brown

Happy Birthday: Luther Vandross

April 20,1951

I can't even give you a few Luther songs, because most of them were classic hits! So BOOM: A Luther Playlist for you!

Ne-Yo covers Billboard

Ne-Yo talks about his album "Year of the Gentleman" in this issue of Billboard. The album is set to be released June 24th.

The Game Feat. Keyshia Cole - Game Pain

Game pays homage to the artists who paved the way for him! This song is kind of hot! It had me reminiscing on mad shit from back in the day.

Whitney & Daughter

Whitney Houston and her 15 year old daughter (fathered by Bobby Brown) Bobbi Christina. Bobbi has blossomed into to a cute lil girl and her baby fat is disappearing slowy but surely.

Bizzy Bone Feat. DMX and Chris Notez

The former member of rap group's Bone Thugs In Harmony has returned. What the fuck happen to his this niggas hair. That shit was dummmmmb long!

Welcome Home Fox Boogie

Foxy Brown is home yall! Straight off the Island with three new tracks!

Usher- My Hatian Sensation!

Usher's album "Here I Stand" in stores May 27th!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Video-Behind the Scenes Kidz in the Hall- Driving Down the Block

This video is going to be dope! Shout out to our friends Naledge & Double-O!

Check out there myspace page below:


Friday, April 18, 2008

Is Alicia Getting Married?

Is has been said that Alicia plans to wed Kerry, Kerry "Krucial" Brothers. Okay I'm lost. Many of my sources told me Alicia is into to chicks. On that note " Que Cera Cera"

That's So Raven!

I don't know if she lost weight or if they photoshopped the shit out of her pic, but the last movie she was in she was Pleasantly Plump!

New Video: Mary J. Blige - Stay Down

Off the Album "Growing Pains" Directed By Hype Williams

Cassidy - A Milli


This nigga be going in on freestyles. I wish I can get the same on the albums. I love Cass tho!