Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Leak #16: The Understanding Feat Malcolm X

Mickey sent you guys another message:

16 weeks.... 16 songs.... You gotta love it

Ever since I've been seen in the public eye, people have been quick to classify me as something I'm not. When in reality I grew up on the same influences yall have. So I decided to vent and give people and understanding of who I am.

So with the help of Malcolm X and GFCnewyork's own Precize on the beat, I touch base on a variety of topics that's been bothering me. (Previous music style, racism, politcs etc)

With that being said, the track is available for download below:
Click Here

And next week will conclude the first volume of the Leak Series. We will combine all the songs together as well as add youtube links and pics for download

Itz Mickey!


**To get yourself aquainted with Precize, the man behind Mickey's beats,
Click Here and say Whaddup!

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