Friday, April 25, 2008

The Cops Who Murdered Sean Bell Get OFF!

Usually I'd wake up on a Friday morning and yell TGIF! Today I woke up saying "R u Fuckin Kidding Me". Before I even turned on my television this morning, I had already received many text and instant messages saying that the officers who gunned down Sean Bell with 50 shots were aquitted today of all charges.
Shit like this pisses me the fuck off. This just proves to me that there will never be justice or peace in this world. Here it is we as minorities are trying to live in a world of SHADES of GREY, but we are forced to still live in a BLACK & WHITE world because we are the constant targets in society. We look at it as murder, they look at it is as one of us out of the way. I'm far from racist, but I have to call it like I see it, and I see and smell Bullshit B!

They announced the verdict, expecting us to act like "niggers" and wild the fuck out so they can beat and lock us the fuck up so they can have more of us in the system! They know what the fuck they doing... trust me they KNOW!

R.I.P Sean Bell


Mickey Factz wrote a song last year title i'm "Sean 50 Shots", where he takes the place of the victim Sean Bell. I hit my brother Mick up today and told him I'd be puttin the song up. So ofcourse Mickey sent it to me with a message to you guys. So here it is:

As some of you may or may not know, Sean Bell of Queens, Ny was murdered senselessly by 3 undercover police officers. Today the case that was supposed to send these cops to jail were acquitted on ALL charges. So basically, the justice system is not labeling discharging 50 shots as a crime, but as a procedure. Which means that every minority walking the streets of America is liable to get pummeled by a barrage of bullets. Me being an artist, I wrote this song in January 2007 and it is clearly as relevant as it was then as it is now. I ask people to listen to the song and pass it along as a testament to the death of Sean Bell. May he rest in peace and condolences go out to his family and friends.

Download below:

Thank you...

Mickey Factz

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Anonymous said...

And then there was OJ and his lying, crazy guilty ass. But that was okay.

His victims were white.

I've been reading posts about this case off and on all weekend. Not one post anywhere, not one blog written by a black blogger talks about the facts in this case. All it is is the same whining victimhood crap about whitey picking on you.

Do you have ONE fucking clue how many black police officers there are in this country who each day face the instant decision of whether to shoot or not?

One blogger asked WTF is going on in this country - is it still 1955 with blacks being victimized everywhere all the time? The answer is no, because if it was 1955, Sean Bell wouldn't have even been allowed into that club.

A large segment of black America is being misled by the likes of Jesse Jackson, Louis Farrakhan and that lying race-baiter, Al Sharpton, all three of whom make a fat fly living off your dumbasses for listening to and responding to them. They're black America's worst enemy and a very large number of black Americans are too fucking stupid to know it because they're too fucking uneducated BECAUSE OF SUCH PEOPLE to see what they're doing to you.

This case was a sad, tragic MISTAKE.

And by the way, what wedding was Bell going to the next day? He and his lady hadn't even taken out a marriage license.

Happy whining and bitching. I hope you find the persecution you seek in life.