Friday, April 25, 2008

Maino and Ed Lover Speak on Bringing Hip Hop Back to NY

Pay close to attention to this video. New York doesn't show New York love in the Hip Hop community. When you look at the South, Midwest, and West Coast, you see them holding each other down! Why don't New Yorkers hold each other down? New York won't come back until we support each other! The best talent comes from New York, but you would never know because niggas are too busy cosigning other states before we cosign our own. When Artists such as Mickey Factz, Curtains, Smoke & Numbers,Skyzoo etc.. have videos shoots, you should see other artists from New York there showing love. What about producers?? Niggas should be getting beats from producers such as Hasan Insane, Precize, and Clyde & Harry Productions

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