Monday, April 14, 2008

Access Granted: Wale & RhymeFest

StreetCosignor and BET rap city joined couple of weeks ago to check out Wale & RhymeFest at Mark Ronson's studio. This was my first time meeting these two guys and i had a blast. Wale talked about his upcoming mixtape, the music industry and how great his music career is going. Rhymefest spoke to us about his new projects , the state of hip hop and how he feels about candidate Barack Obama. It was pretty cool watching these two guys freestyle and getting it popping in the studio.  Both Wale & Rhymefest would like for you guys to watch out for their new albums coming out soon. "Mixtape about nothing" By Wale and "El che" By Rhymefest.
Thanx to Tee.Smif for making this exciting day happen. 

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