Friday, September 21, 2007


Sorry with the lateness on this entry!(due to a virus on my laptop, my rookieness to the blogger game, & a lil slack-a-lackin on my half)

We all knew that Kanye West & 50 Cent were both dropping their 3rd album on what we now know as "Patriot Day" 9/11. After weeks of making predictions & placing bets Kanye West had an outstanding victory with his LP Graduation after his 1st week in sales of over 900k. Dont get me wrong I supported the two artists & copped both of their albums at the same time, but I found myself playing Kanye's over & over & over again. Fiddy does have some hot tracks on the LP Curtis, but like his first two albums, Get Rich or Die Tryin & The Massacre I just found so many similarities in the 3 together. Sorry Curtis! "Show sum Courtesy Curtis"(lol), but the best man did win & the fans realized that Kanye was a CHAMPION in their eyes ;-)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Dear Summer of 2007

Here's a Recap of some the things that went down this Summer:

Upcoming rapper Rayquon Maurice Elliot better known as Stack Bundles was murdered in Cold Blood entering his Far Rockaway home after coming from Partying at Club Stereo with his Dipset Family. The killer has still not been identified. When will this Madness Stop! Black on Black crime is whats stopping alot of us young African Americans from becoming successful today! Rayquon happened to be a very close friend of mine & will be dearly missed by all! My heart goes out to his family. But we will never for get him & his fans will still be screamin SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSquad UP! R.I.P. my nigga.

6/23 The 3rd Annual Brooklyn HipHop Festival
Thousands of people came to see artist like Large Professor, Mad Skillz, Drez from Black Sheep, Heltah Skelatah & the other members of the Boot Camp Click , surprise guests : Jeru the Damaja & Fat Joe.... But the hightlights of that day was seein Chubb Rock who is no where as big as he used to be, seein Consequence get Boo'd !!! YES the nigga got shamed off the stage by the crowd.....SMH I guess his G.O.O.D. music wasnt GOOD music to them that day (poor guy), GHOSTFACE tear down the stage singing many of his smash hits!

7/9 Old School HipHop @ Wingate Field Park

Mc Hammer showed us he still got the moves as he performed classics like "Turn this Mutha Out, Can't Touch This, Too Legit To Quit, Pray, & Pumps in a Bump" He was supposed to headline the show... but after all was said & done...

MC Lyte let niggas know that "She still Rocks the Party that rocks the Body" & that she can STILL Cha Cha Cha while She Kicked this one here for her & her DJ...when she was done the stage "Self Destructed" leavin mutha fuckas faces lookin like Poor Georgie!!!!! On the other hand After Dougie Fresh took over the show..SMH enabling Slick Rick to perform 3 effin Songs(2 of them with Dougie, which Technically left him performin 1)....
What i thought would go down in history definately didnt it & my 2 friends(Sais & Big Al) left in DISGUST...slick had no real "showtime" on stage! However, I cant front on Doug.. he is one the greatest entertainers!

** Here's a bonus for you..Dougie brought Lil Vicious(LMFAOOO)I'm let you ponder on that one! ::sings in a deep mans voice:: "GAL A FREAK"

7/29 One of our unsigned favorites Mickey Factz unleashed Flashback "Back to the Future" as we got in the GFC Time Machine & we travelled in Time listening to the remaking of Poison, Summer Time, Juanita (Bonita) Applebaum, & the list goes on. Only difference is his lyrics were seasoned up with a Pinch of PPPPPPrecize !! You can download Flash back for FREE at

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8/8 Lemar & Dauley had there 4.5 year Anniversary of keepin us fresh in there garments. The party was a great turn out...If you werent there....It SUX to be you! DJ Cassidy with the help of to other Djs took us to the old school from the 80's to 90's & right in to todays music!

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8/22 Them L & D Boys back at it again collabing with Mark Ronson, YoYo/LDN & Milkcrate threw a party with a dope performance by none other than Swizz Beatz. He let the crowd know how long he's been in the game playing songs like Dope Money, Banned From TV & Down Bottom....WHOAAAA it was Kurazyy, took me back to my days partying in the TUNNEL nite club...If you neva been.. trust me it was the BEST club in Newyork!

8/26 Diddy makes his 4th band... after deciding on the last episode that he needs the viewers help.. this guy announces at the last minute that he will have a 5 man band group: Willy, Rob, Q, Brian & Big Mike ( I was ready to write to Diddy had he not chosen Big Mike b/c he worked hard to lose his weight!) Then Diddy tops of the night with making Donnie a solo artist which i think was a wise business move, not to mention Donnie had the most votes from the fans! Congrads to all the winners, this may be Diddy's best Band yet!