Tuesday, April 15, 2008

PLUM: K-Hustle & K-Holla

K-Hustle (Kashawn)

This handsome 12-year old is a young man of many hats. He's my oldest son, he's an athlete, skate boarder, does occasional acting in school plays, he also rips the runway every year in the Macy's fashion show . Kashawn made his first video cameo in mickey Factz's first video "Be Free" when he was 9 years old. He's the Prynce of GFCnewyork. When you add Mick, Saint, Steve, Kwazz, and Nak up and you get K-Hustle! I know sounds a lil crazy, lol....but it is what it is!

K-Holla (Keaton)

This adorable 7-year old with the angelic face is my baby. He was given the name K-Holla by Saint because when he was younger he used to flirt with all the girls & he still does! He's plays football, soccer, basketball, and involved with many other activities. He is very out spoken. So if he's sees you on the street and your dressed like a clown, TRUST ME, he will let you know! He's one of the realest kids I ever knew in my life. And guess what.... He's Mine!

The two of them are both students at Dance Express in Woodmere, New York (Long Island). When E & I have an event to host with give aways, they sometimes help us get things in order.

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