Monday, March 17, 2008

Album Review: Rocko

Last week, SC went to visit some of our friends at Island Def Jam the lovely Shari gave us Rocko's "Self-Made" album before it was release to review. Being that Rocko is the kid on the block and everyone was comparing him to Jeezy, I had to listen to the album thoroughly. I came to the conclusion that Rocko is not trying to sound like Jeezy at all. I think it's al in niggas head. They just hear a emcee from the south and immediately start comparing and contrasting. I'm feeling Rocko's album, the only thing that threw me off was that I didn't hear any party tracks, I was just hoping to hear something a lil different. So I gave Rock 3 out of 5 Stamps of Approval. Go out an cop the album. His ad-libs are Banoodles!! I love when he says "What's on your Mind" on the "This Morning Track"(that's the song I've been playing when I wake up in the morning) My opinion is MY OPINION. Rocko supports StreetCoSignor to the fullest! That's our nigga! We fuckin love you Rock!

My songs are:
Hustle Fo feat. Lloyd
This Morning
Umma Do Me
Old School

Rocko's album "SELF-MADE" is in stores March 18th TOMORROW! Go out & support our FRIEND!

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