Monday, March 31, 2008

Special Tribute to singer " Selena"

R.I.P Selena (April 19 1971- March 31 1995)
Latin pop/cumbia singer Selena was one of my favorite singers of all time. I was really young when her music career was starting, and i remember standing in front of a mirror trying to sing like her and trying to do all her dance moves. I admired the fact that she composed and wrote most of her songs and that all her songs were so vivid. Her spanish albums lead her to , 2 Grammy awards and she had like 3 #1 songs in the latin billboard charts. She was also one the best looking women ever , she was known for her pear shaped body. I must say that the day she passed away i was crying like a baby lol. It was really sad that she died right before she became an international star , she died as soon as her career shifted to the american market. Selena was killed by the president of her flan club in a Days Inn hotel 3/31/95 , 2 weeks later George w. Bush declared her birthday "Selena day" ( 4/19/71) in Texas. Make sure to check out the "Selena" movie starring Jennifer Lopez , I'm pretty sure they will be playing the movie in your local channels this entire week.  Check out some of her songs. 

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