Friday, March 14, 2008

Laced Magazine #5

Them Laced Boys are BACK!! I'm never disappointed with the ideas that they come up with for their covers. Brown, Kessie, and the rest of the team are all brilliant, productive, and very hard working! I LOVE THEM! Steve-o eats, sleeps, shits, inhales, and exhales this magazine. This is one young man who love what he does. He takes all business that he engages with seriously. He's a sweetheart, a business man, a realist, a good critic, my friend, my lil brother. I love him!

Features: The Cool Kids, Wale, Yung Burg, Steve Aoki,
Verbz, Obed Rios, Pastry Footwear, Supra Footwear,
Jermaine Hall, Kid Cudi, Shia Labouf, 100’s OF
SNEAKERS, Palis, Public School, Unruly Heir, Boozey,
Faro INC, Atmos, and MUCH MORE!

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