Sunday, March 16, 2008

Mic Check : Christina K

Mic check of the week goes to producer , songwriter and performer Christina K . The first time i heard of Christina K  was at a industry party and they were handing out some flyer with her pic and info , but i didn't really pay attention. Then me and LaFemme went to Club Lotus in NYC and they was playing this song  " I got a boyfriend" and i was like oh shit this song is poppin and the Dj was like the song is by upcoming artist Christina K. I fell in love with her music and her style, i also admire the fact that she's a female producer.  Then my friend from LMC send me info about her and talked so highly about her, so it was meant for me to have her up on site.  SC was kickin it with Christina K this weekend and we had a blast , she is a beautiful person inside and out and with her positive attitude i am certain that she will takeover the music scene. click here to check out more info on Christina K.
She followed her heart. This simple, yet powerful statement can be used to express how the child born Christina Kamara emerged from the small town of Capitol Heights in Prince Georges County, Maryland to be staged as one of the next musical superstars in an oversaturated industry. Maintaining a balance of beauty, brains and talent, her unique style seamlessly blends hip-hop and pop genres without effort. It is the true love for music that has fueled this young woman’s passion and dedication.

Born to teenage parents while her father was incarcerated, Christina’s life has always been inspired by a struggle to remain positive. As a child, Christina was often told by everyone that she encountered that there was something “special” about her. With many nights spent alone, the radio became her best friend, and music a form of escapism to deal with the daily dramas.

Christina was identified as talented and gifted when she entered school, and was placed into special classes with other children who had special gifts. She wrote her first rap at the age of 5, and would play various instruments, yet had no formal training. Christina decided that she wanted to be a rapper after being heavily influenced by Salt-N-Pepa during the 80s. She later went on to attend Bowie State University, where she studied marketing. Her plans were to graduate with a marketing degree and move to New York to work as an A&R at a major record label, in order to learn the business of music.

A chance meeting as a teenager would change her life forever. While at a nightclub in DC one evening, Christina crossed paths with a young producer from Philly, and he agreed to produce two songs for her. This was the first time that she ever had a chance to work with a producer in a studio. She became so fascinated that she decided that she was going to produce herself. She researched all the equipment that she had observed, and used her savings to purchase her own pre-production studio. Christina worked day and night at making beats on the MPC, soon realizing that she was really good. With no formal musical training, she had taught herself to produce, write and arrange full songs.

Christina soon felt that she was ready to move to New York and made the decision to leave school early. After relocating to New York, she began waiting tables and interning within the music industry. In 2005 she began working for a high-profile publicity and event coordinating boutique firm, and this opportunity would lead her to daily interactions with artists, executives, and producers. She was able to meet the very artists that had inspired her, and she learned that her dreams could be real. These encounters allowed her to produce records for Jive recording artists, as well as record with rapper Pit Bull.

Although she had a highly regarded job within the music industry, in late 2006 Christina began to feel that she was not fulfilling her life’s purpose. She decided to leave her job in February 2007, to wholeheartedly pursue her lifelong dream as a musician. Armed with the knowledge of both the artistic and business aspects of the music industry, Christina was ready to take her position as one of the world’s next legendary female artists.

Christina’s self-produced single “I Got a Boyfriend,” is currently gaining spins at Top 40 and Rhythmic stations throughout the country. In the truest essence of the 80’s, the light-hearted record reminds listeners of a time when hip-hop was fun. Her debut album will feature creative songs with strong concepts that appeal to all ages. In addition to recently securing a licensing agreement with MTV, she also commits herself to doing volunteer work within her hometown. As an artist, producer, songwriter, trendsetter and personality, Christina has limitless potential and a radiant enthusiasm to share with the world. Christina K. has been planning for her shining moment for her entire life, and proves to be an inspiration to all.
Christina K live in Phoenix 

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