Sunday, January 13, 2008

Introducing P.L.U.M.

Wussup Guys!

We decided to introduce you guys to P.L.U.M. earlier than we expected. P.L.U.M. stands for People Love Us More. Cute right? Yeah We already know! Basically when u visit our blog, you'll see pics from our celebrity/non-celebrity friends who support Street Cosignor. Someone will either be in a picture with a StreetCosignor member, or they will be holding/wearing a Street Cosignor item (stickers, buttons, t-shirts, etc.) With a little advice from two of our good friends (they will remain anonymous, because we're not trying to give away our secret sources). They wanted us to show yall niggas that we LIVE this shit...Literally!!!

So our girl Cheri Dennis is going to set it off since she has a new album dropping next month. Not to mention that she is cool peeps!

Cheri Dennis & Da Bronx Bomber DJ Will


In and Out of Love album Stores February 26th!!

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