Thursday, January 24, 2008

Clyde & Harry Interview

SC: Names

Clyde: I’m Clyde

Harry: & I’m Harry

SC: How old are yall?

Clyde: Ummm……Young

Harry: 35

SC: How did yall get into production?

Clyde: Well me, had musical training since I was 6yrs old & Harry told me he wanted to produce music one day

Harry: When I was in I was in Junior High School

Clyde: So I started teaching him music & that’s how it happened

Harry: I didn’t have any musical training

SC: So yall related?

Clyde: Yeah that’s my brother

Harry: That’s my brother

SC: So how long have you guys been working together as Clyde & Harry Productions?

Harry: Since we’ve been in Junior High, That’s when niggas started getting serious? We were like 12 yrs old & started going hard with it, playing around with Drum Machines & stuff like that out of mom’s house

SC: What is it like working together as brothers? Do you argue? Dou you fight?

Harry: Oh yeah, we do all that

Clyde: All the time man

Harry: I mean that’s apart of a relationship

SC: Who be getting beat up?

Harry: Both of us

SC: (laughs)

Clyde: You trying to split the team up already

SC: Are there any producers that you would compare yourselves to if you could? & why?

Clyde: I don’t think I compare myself to any ONE producer. I think like maybe a mixture of producers. But that’s natural for every producer and artist.
Harry: We just don’t have one that we’re influenced by. We’re influenced by all different types of music. Our production is a wide variety. We just don’t have one sound. We have different thing that we like to do.

SC: Which producers do you like?

Clyde: Of course Timbaland, I’m a big J.D. fan personally, I like Jermaine Dupri. I like all the music he writes. Look at all the Usher stuff and Mariah Carey; they wouldn’t be anything with out him.

SC: What equipment do you guys use?

Clyde: Secret

SC: Well damn (laughs)

SC: How long does it usually take you to produce a beat?
Clyde: I’ve made beats in like 20 seconds & sometimes it takes me 20days, nah mean

SC: Wow

SC: What artists have you made beats for?

Clyde: Right now, hot record that we made a beat for is for Kapps whose now (Theophilus London) the “Invisible Man” joint, we got a couple other joints with Kapps, Denim, Hicks, Chris Cassanova it’s a lot of them

SC: What artists are you looking forward to working with in the future? Signed or Unsigned. Like whom would you like to have a Clyde & Harry beat in their studio?

Clyde: Me personally, Lauryn Hill or Maxwell

SC: Owww! I love Maxwell!

SC: What do you most like about your profession? & what do you least like about it?

Harry: The freedom to create what you want. You don’t have a boss and you don’t have a schedule

Clyde: The least thing I like about it is the money. The money messes everything up.

Harry: It messes up your creativity, it just messes up everything

SC: When you’re not making beats, what do you do in your spare time?

Clyde: Writing hooks or recording

SC: Do you guys go to school?

C&H: Nah

SC: Now we always see Clyde on the scene, everywhere, Sputnik, and different showcases & Shit? Harry Where you be at B? Where you be at Humping or Working? We want to know!

Harry: Working

SC: All day?

Harry: All Day

SC: Because it looks like Clyde is the outgoing one and you’re the quiet one. Or am I wrong? Is it the total opposite?

Clyde: This is definitely “Silent Bob”, he’s on his grind. But he’s just not talking about it.

SC: How would you describe your style of music?

Clyde: Oh I don’t have a description of style of music. I can do just about anything.

SC: Clyde I always hear you beat boxing at your shows, how long have you been doing that?

Clyde: I don’t beat box. It’s just a little show routine that I always do with Live Wire and I tried it once with Demin. Harry does all the beat boxing.

SC: Ahhhh, so Harry’s the one? Harry how long have you been doing it?

Harry: That’s actually how I started getting into production. You know how people walk around and sing the songs, I would do the beat. People would say, “Yo, you should start making beats”. That’s when I came to my brother and said, Yo, Lets do this”.
SC: I was at Katra, and Clyde was there performing. I was paying attention to the crowd and the ladies were staring at him hard. I want to know what yall status is, are you single? Are you in a relationship?

Clyde: It’s music man

Harry: yeah that’s my girlfriend

Clyde: That’s so cliché right? Everybody says that. I’m gonna have to come up with another answer for that.

SC: Yes, you need a new one!

SC: Do you guys smoke?

Clyde: Nah

SC: If you guys were to take girls out, what is your ideal date?

Clyde: As long as I’m not in the cold, it’s ideal

Harry: Doesn’t Matter as long as I’m with a girl that doesn’t talk too much

SC: (laughs)

SC: If you guys saw a girl that you were interested in, how would you approach her? How would you get the number?

Clyde: It depends on who she’s staring around, it depends on a lot. Shit it depends on the season. You got to check me in July and I’ll let you know then

SC: Harry, what about you?

Harry: …………

SC: Aight mute man I’ll come back to you

SC: I recently interviewed Kapps and I asked him, what producers he wanted to work with , he said Timbaland and someone else was mentioned. He said he wanted to stick with his family, Clyde & Harry and some other cat. How does that make you feel that Kapps considers you his family and that he’s showing loyalty to you guys?

Clyde: It’s all good. That feels good nah mean, it’s rare in this game that you find loyalty. But if we were making wack tracks, we wouldn’t be family. I love him to death, but that’s with anybody. He’s definitely a talented young man.

SC: Harry?

Harry: ………..

SC: Underground Cosigning?

Clyde: I read you’re other interviews and I see other artists cosigning other artists, so I’m cosigning producers! I’m not talking about the Kapps’ and Mickey Factzs’. I’m cosigning producers. I like Precize, and I’m not just saying that because he’s apart of what you’re doing. I really like Precize’s work. I like that “Supra” joint. It’s dope. I’m cosigning another producer I like, his name is Avenue. And I’m cosigning Harry.

Harry: Hicks, he’s sick! I’m not just saying that because he’s our artist, he’s something new for real. Denim and Chris Cassanova.

SC: Street Cosigning?

Clyde: I’m not saying Jay-z because that’s like cosigning Michael Jordan. If I had to cosign a producer in the game today, I’d have to say Jus Blaze, because hes the only producer today, that’s signed, that makes all of his own beats. Timbaland has a production team. Polow da Don who had 2 or 3 hits, has his own production team.

Harry: This is our production team right here. It’s just us.

SC: The Brothers….Brothers!!!!

StreetCosignor Tube: We were able to get a few snippets of beats out of Clyde & Harry

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