Thursday, January 17, 2008

LL Cool J seeking Ghost Written help on his new Album

And your not going to believe who he wants help from! But you know I'm not going to just blirt it out like that. I'm a sing it to yall! LOLLLL Just to let you know this LL shit is a RUMOR. I have no proof of this info! So I decided to "whisper" it yall!

::Plays Beat:: (Doom doom doom doom/ doom doom doom doom)

Hey, Hi you doing all my readers
Lemme whisper in ya ear
Pay close attention listen loud and clear
I ain't the one to gossip, u aint hear this from me
LL wants his ghostwriter to be Jay-z!
Its that serious he needs Hov to write his rhymes?
I guess that nigga aint "The Greatest of all Time"

loll.. I know I'm not a rapper but I does this for fun! I just start tweakin & shit! Just for the record that was written straight of the top..Just now!

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