Sunday, January 13, 2008

Remy Ma attacks Lil Kim in a Freestyle

Yo Remy went in on this track! Remy is on some other level right now and she dont give a F*ck. She so hype to get this song out that she did her own YouTube video LOL.“When I See Her” is from Remy Ma’s new mixtape BlasRemy. In case you don't know who this freestyle is about. She's talking about our Queen B, Lil Kim.

Yo! Why Bitchez gotta always hate on a another bitch? Smh Its sad truthfully! And yall dumb ass brauds wonder why James Brown said this a Man's world! I ain't gonna front Remmy did get at her! if I was Kim, I would kill Remy with kindness on some grown woman shit, but had you ask me that question 8 years ago.....I'd a went OFF on dat bitch! Lmaooo.... This is LaFemme by the way you know I had to had my drink & my 2 cents on this Lollllll!

Check out the video let me kno what you think!!!!

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