Monday, September 29, 2008

Lady Luck vs Rece Steele

After Round 1 I couldnt listen anymore. Luck killed Rece that first round and the crowd violated Rece by booing the shit out of her. She looked like she wanted to cry truthfully.

Now I dont know which scenario occurred first but peep game below. Both these brawds were spitting, Lady Luck cuts in on Rece and Rece snatches the mic out of Luck's hand. Then starts poppin wild shit. All I know is Luck was too calm for me, I wouldve reacted! I'm almost certain that a these bitches got beef now because Rece Steele and her homegirl started acting like birds. I can't beieve I share the same last name as this chick. i hope we aint related. Just watch the video below!

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