Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Music: Lady Ga Ga "Just Dance"

New Music from Pop singer Lady Ga Ga "Just Dance" featuring Akon & Colby O' Donis. Lady Ga Ga will release her album "The Fame" through Interscope records October 28th. 


Anonymous said...

I think she is opening for NKOTB tomorrow night in NY. Do you know if thats a rumor? Just started looking in to her when I saw a video of her song to my fave show... Dirty Sexy Money. So random that she may be at the lame concert I am going to tomorrow night LOL. Here is that vid I was talking about to “Beautiful, Dirty, Rich”-

E*STAR said...

hey anonymous, I'm not sure if she has a show tonight! I do know that she is performing at Madison Square Garden October 27th.

Thank you for the love!!!