Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New Video: Shontelle "T-Shirt"

New music video from Barbados princess Shontelle "T-Shirt". Rihanna is not the only Barbadian princess taking over , now her childhood friend Shontelle is gonna try and do the same. The 23rd year old will release her album Shontelligence November 18th. 


Phil said...

This vid is hot. Anybody got the obama campaign cd? I heard shontelle is on it

classyishowibe said...

Her song "Battle Cry" is on there along with John Legend and Stevie Wonder. She's BIG time now!

konstantin415 said...

Yea I heard about the Obama campaign cd yes ye can Voices of a Grassroots Movement
Here is a link for one of the song off the album. Its actually really good. I thought it was going to be cheese.