Thursday, February 28, 2008

Michael Jackoson in Danger of Losing Neverland Ranch

MJ recently received notice from Financial Title Company of the impending foreclosure of the multi-million dollar mega mansion. The singer reportedly owes $24,525,906.61 on the property and is requesting that Jackson pay the amount in full by the March 19 deadline. If he refuses or cannot come up with the money, the property will be auctioned off at an unknown date at the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. In addition to the house and land, the singer also stands to lose any and all of his possessions that are still on the property, including any and all furniture, appliances, artwork and outside fixtures like the entertainer's merry-go-round. Damn son, I feel bad if Mike loses that ranch. That shit is CARZY big! I ain't going to front, I always wanted to go to Neverland as I kid.

I know one thing, if the ranch gets sold, he better not be running around on that "I'm Peter Pan" bull. He'll be more like a high class Oliver Twist". Smh.

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