Sunday, February 17, 2008

Jay-z & Rihanna saga continues...

I love reading the expressions on faces in pictures! Here's my skit for this one:

Jay-z: You really trying to fuck my shit up ain't you?
Rihanna: Jay, what are you talking about?
Jay-z: I'm talking about you grabbing my hand and bringing me on that stage like that.
Rihanna: I didn't think it would be a problem. Your on the song, you deserved it just as much as I did. Besides, you seemed cool with it when you were on the stage.
Jay-z: You think I'm a let all the viewers as well as the audience know that I was pissed about you dragging me on that stage?
Jay-z: I don't need B and her instigating ass sister's aggravation tonight.
Jay-z: Now don't let it happen again, understand me?
Rihanna: Your serious aren't you?
Jay-z: (pulls Rihanna's arm) Do you understand me?
Rihanna:(grunts and finally replies) Yes, I understand


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