Saturday, February 23, 2008

Do you need some music consulting in your life??

Are you in need of Record promotion ?Do you need some one to get your music played on the radio??
Do you need some music consulting in your life??? If you answered Yes to all these questions , then you need to hit up my friends from LMC consulting. They get it poppin all day!! and they will help you get it poppin also if you really serious about your music career. Check out what LMC is all about:   

LMC Consulting is a full service Marketing and Promotions firm that specializes in maximizing client exposure and motivating the consumer to listen and become aware of the artist by the technique of Digital Distribution and strong relationships.        

LMC Consulting is at the forefront of the entertainment industry by utilizing unique and personally crafted campaigns to bridge the gap between your company and the urban consumer.

Legitimization of a culture

Urban Youth and Latinos will soon become the majority of the nation's consumers and as a result, more so now than ever, they are being recognized for their financial worth.

LMC Consulting has an advantage over other marketing companies trying to tap into the urban community, in that we are whom we market to, making us urban business and culture specialists. Our executives help influence trends – create icons – all of which have made the ‘urban lifestyle” a billion dollar industry.

Hip-Hop is now the dominant pop culture of the youth. Its undeniable presence can be found in television, film, fashion, technology, as well as the automobile industry.

Speaking the language/Sharing the lifestyle

LMC Consulting team has had extensive amounts of experience in successfully promoting and marketing to the Urban consumer. We are perceptive, educated, well-informed and street savvy our connection to this community will allow us to forecast trends and interest-direction, so that we may be able to create the most comprehensive plan to market your product manually or digitally.

Our Client List

Def Jam Records

J Records/RCA Music Group

Udub Music/Urban World Wireless

Universal Records

•       Polo Grounds

Vox Music

Interscope Records

After Platinum Records

Island Def Jam Records

GOOD Music/Sony

Chopper City Records

Rowdy Records

Hustle Music

VP Records

CornerStone Promotions

Soul Provider Management

Gargamel Music Group  

Digiwaxx Media

Street Team Campaigns 

LMC Consulting fully staffs street teams in the top targeted markets, allowing us to implement our campaigns on a national scale. Our representatives in these markets fully understand the interests that are particular to each city, resulting in campaigns that have a regional specific feel.

Top Target Markets

New York

Los Angeles


San Francisco/ Oakland




Washington DC






St. Louis

Phoenix / Tucson

New Orleans

Las Vegas




The Carolinas


Special Events & PR Services

For the urban consumer exclusivity and prestige are extremely important, and nothing is more attractive than a high-profile event.

LMC Consulting coordinates everything from intimate product launches to national tours, as well as compose public relations strategies to brand and position your product. We create tailored, notable events that place our clients directly with consumers, trendsetters and tastemakers, making every dollar count.

LMC Consulting

Your success and profitability are dependent upon the quality of the information you have to work with. LMC’s comprehensive system of information gathering will give you all you need with weekly conference calls, Bi-Weekly strategy meetings, monthly regional reports, and progress e-mailings. We are a full-service company tracking you need.

Here’s the bottom line: LMC Consulting will deliver, first by listening, then by strategizing and finally with results-oriented action. We are committed to assisting you in breaking through any obstacles that you may have encountered to this point. We will connect you with the urban consumer.

** If you are interested in LMC please contact STREETCOSIGNOR@GMAIL.COM

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