Monday, February 11, 2008

Hannah Montana is taking over...

Hannah Montana is taking over the universe and is scaring the shit out of me. I went to Key food , Target , Payless and other stores these past months and she is all over the place. For you guys that are not familiar with Hannah , she is a 15yr old actress/singer by the name of Miley Cyrus. She has her own show on the Disney channel and has movies , albums etc...  
This Hannah montana fever reminds me of the time The Spice Girls came out and took over the world!!!! They had loli pops , gum , clothing , dolls and had their songs  stuck on everyone's head.  Check out the top 10 reasons why i think she is taking over :  
  1. Her TV show is watched by some 5 million viewers every week.
  2. Hannah/Miley, is out-selling The Police , Justin Timberlake and Bruce Springsteen.
  3. Hannah/Miley  is headlining one of the best-selling tours of the year. 
  4. One show ticket for Charlotte, N.C., for example, went for $2,565. 
  5. One Texas mother lied about her spouse dying in Iraq in order to secure free tickets for a sold-out Hannah Montana concert. 
  6. Hannah/Miley put her competition on smash on the box office this week , with her sold out "Hannah Montana" Movie going in with $29 million .. WOW
  7. Hannah/Miley grossed $36 million on tour but generated more than $50 million in album sales and downloads.
  8. Forbes ranked Cyrus as #17 on its Top Earners Under 25.
  9. Marketing campaign started pitching Wal-Mart as "Hannah Montana Headquarters," but you can find her at Target , Payless , Kmart etc...
  10. Hannah/Miley is dressing up like a cheerleader/ porn star  to get attention from an older crowd and perverted men (mind you she's only 15) !!!!!!!

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