Sunday, February 3, 2008

Rewind That: Leaders of the New School

One of the hottest groups of the "Golden 90's Era" was the Leaders of the New School". This group of four hailed straight out of Long Island! (Owwwwwwwwwwwwwww, for those of you who don't know, your girl LaFemme is a Strong Island native.) The band members were Charlie Brown, Dinco D, Cut Monitor Milo, and none other than the infamous Busta Rhymes. The group got their start touring with Public Enemy. They got their break, when they appeared on a Tribe Called Quest's hit single "Scenario".
In 1991 they released their first album, entitled A Future Without a Past, which included the hits "Case of the P.T.A.", "Sobb Story" and "The International Zone Coaster". Their second and last album was T.I.M.E., released in 1993, which stood for "The Inner Mind's Eye". The album was less acclaimed than their debut, but spawned rap hits "What's Next" and "Classic Material".
Following their sophmore album, the group split up.Charlie Brownwas jealous of Busta and called him a "Show Stealer".
****Femme's Time out: Charlie you can't be getting mad because Busta was going in on every verse he wrote & delivered 100%. You were supposed to STEP YA GAME UP B!
Charlie B, Dinco, and Milo's fame was very limited, while Busta on the other hands career Sky rocketed to the top. In 1996, the guys made a guest appearance on Busta's solo album "The Coming"
I read one of Bust's recent interviews and he stated that he doesn't speak to any of the former members at all! He even called Dinco a "Dickhead"! (Busta... BE NICE) lol

StreetCosignor Fact: My Friends Aprill, Dwan, Puya, & myself won a talent show contest. If I get a hold of the footage I'll post it. Then you can see me as "Young Femme" going in! lol..I was only 13!

Here is "The International Zone Coaster"

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