Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Video: Missy Elliott

Yesterday MTV premiered Missy Elliott's new 3D video for " Ching- A-Ling & Shake your pom pom" . I thought the video was gonna be poppin but it's okay. First of all i don't even have my 3D glasses, so the video looks horrible and 2nd the video was all over the place. The best part of the video was at the end when shake your pom pom started playing, it was like a house party or something. Check out the video below.

*****This is LaFemme crashing in on E*Star's post. This video IS NOT wussup, Missy disappointed me! I was really feeling this song in the club. But after viewing the video, I became really hurt, and I'm not going to dance to this song in the club anymore, so if you see me shaking my ass to this joint you can approach on some "Femme what's really good type shit". Nah I'm lying like a mutha fucka! I'm a still dance to it, but as far as the video goes, I'd rather watch an old school Kool-aid commercial!

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