Wednesday, February 6, 2008

New Video: Miri Ben-Ari

For a while I’ve been wondering what’s been up with Miri Ben-Ari. Well she’s back with a hot new single, “Symphony of Brotherhood,” becoming the first instrumental to hit the R&B/Hip Hop Charts.  The Grammy-Award violinist is known for her ability to blend song and sound. She has been dubbed the “hip-hop violinist” through her collaborations from Jay-Z to Wyclef.

Ben-Ari has been quite busy. She’s was the featured violinist and writer for “The Freedom Fighters,” was featured in Reebok’s “I am What I am” campaign and has performed for Fashion Rocks. Seems like I’ve been under a rock, I totally missed all of this.


Here’s what the artist feels about her work:


“I have the privilege to be the first classical violinist to become a “role model” for kids as an urban artist, promoting the art of playing live music and live instruments. I came all the way from Israel to America without my family. I was homeless and I didn’t speak English. I started with a violin and a dream. My music education, discipline and determination helped me to become a great artist, but it was my ability to think “outside the box” that helped me to succeed and make a difference.” - Miri Ben-Ari


In honor of Black History Month, check out the video for "Symphony of brotherhood"

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