Friday, February 1, 2008

New Jay-Z songs leaks

Is Jay-Z coming out with Blueprint 3?????  or is this just and old track that was never released??
I was listening to Dj Clue the other night on the radio and he kept dropping Jay-Z new track "Ain't I" produced by Timbaland. Clue was promoting the song as if it was gonna be on Blueprint 3 and saying that we can also find it on his mixtape I am legend pt 1. The lyrics on  this track relate to jay current state of mind , so maybe it is true that he's coming out with a new project. Jay is known for coming out with albums every eight or nine months . Check out some lyrics and music below from"Ain't I" :

 "I took a pay cut to become a exec/ So the next mother----er can earn his paycheck/ And even though these n---as talk greasy 'bout me/ Ask these n---as how they gonna eat without me!"
"I'm a hustler's hustler/ a gangster's gangster/ I'm a rapper's rapper/ Your favorite, ain't I?"

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