Monday, February 11, 2008

Laurie ann Gibson Video

The only reason why I even bothered to post this, is because Lefemme and I where at a show a while back, I cannot recall the name but that’s not important. From what I do recall, the announcers began to shout out Laurie ann for her contribution to the event and all a sudden to even their surprise she ends up on stage with her dance crew and started to perform. I just remember thinking what is going on here, is this some type of joke? The dancing at least was very entertaining BUT, why is Laurie ann singing, shouldn’t she just stick to dancing, at least she’s good at that. Why did she wait until know to come out with her ”track,” this should have taken place when Diddy kicked her off the show, people will have at least cared at that point right? On the plus side, I'm going to give her points for believing in herself. Check out her video for "Addictive" 

WARNING: This is not Street cosigned, just an example of credentials being unofficial.

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