Monday, February 11, 2008

Kanye Rocks the Grammy's

My nigga Yeezy be holding it down. He gave a very energetic, as well as an emotional heart filled performance. Oh yeah... before I forget, I know Kanye's speeches can be a little lengthy at times, but how often does an african american rceive a grammy? Especially more than one in one night! I mean come on, did niggas really have to start playing music to try to rush him off the stage. But leave it to my nigga Kanye to put them in their place early. As Kanye started to thank his friends and fans for the love and they sympathy they showed at the time of his mother's passing he nicely said or said something like it " It would be in good taste to stop playing the music." Better believe that music got shut the fuck off! I don't blame him for checking them, that would've been so fucking disrespectful. I know how I am with my mom and i would've been wilding the fuck out B!

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Part 2

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