Saturday, February 2, 2008

Black History: Josephine Baker

February is the month in which African Americans are noted for their tremendous impact to our culture and society. SC would like to pay tribute to the great entertainers of our time.

Josephine Baker, 1906-1975. Renowned for her beauty as well as jazz singing, dancing and exotic costumes got her start here in Harlem. Baker appeared in many films and has graced the stages of Broadway to Europe, becoming at the time one of the highest paid entertainers.

Check Out Josephine Baker Short Bio:
Josephine Baker (1906-1975), is known as the "girl who danced her way through the 20's and 30's only dressed in bananas". A dancer, singer, actress and a comedian all in one, Josephine Baker was the first black female entertainer to break through racial prejudice in Europe and the United States. Her acts were both outrageously funny and quite sexy. She was a star of stage, screen and recordings, a civil rights activist and an honored military woman during World War II. She adopted 12 children of different races, whom she called the "Rainbow Tribe". Josephine sought to prove that "children of different ethnicities and religions could be brothers". Josephine's stardom lasted for 50 years; her fans gave her extravagant gifts such as diamonds and cars, and she received over 1,500 marriage proposals.

Ms. Josephine Baker you don't need our stamp of approval..Yo go girl.

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