Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Music : R. kelly disses Neyo on a track " I'm a beast"

R.Kelly is upset once again , But this time is for different reasons by the name of Ne Yo LOL!!
R. Kelly is tired of Ne Yo complaining so he decided to diss him in this track called " I'm a beast"
I'm not feeling this song at all !!!! But you should still listen to it , since i had to do the same. 


Mike Belgrove said...

R. Kelly is a clown for this one. One of the other writers over at Highbrid Nation broke down the "I'm a Beast" track to explain what the lyrics meant and who exactly Kelly was talking about. It appears that he not only took shots at Ne-Yo but Jay-Z and Young Jeezy too. Can he just hurry up and go to prison already. Geez, he got charged like 6 years ago. Let's have a trial already.

Anonymous said...

Kels can't go wrong. This song, like all of the other songs he has made, is a for sure hit. That's what that is.