Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lil Wayne & Lloyd heading to the studio for a collabo album

Lil Wayne aka "Hardest working man" and R&B singer Lloyd will be heading to the studio soon to work on a collabo album called " Best of young worlds". Lloyd says this album will be totally different from Omarion's and Bow Wow's album , because it will cater to an older audience. I'm a fan of Lloyd and Wayne so i would pick up the album , well that's if they really do drop a album. Check out what Lloyd told Rhapsody: 

"Weezy go in and do about 38 bars. The beat cuts off and he's still rapping." Lloyd tells Rhapsodyof his recording session with Weezy.

"He's just killing it and I'm saying to myself, 'Oh this dude is incredible. I gotta work with this dude for real.' And from there, we started our relationship. We've even talked about doing an album together and calling it Best of Young Worlds."

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