Friday, March 7, 2008

Lil John talks about his pushed back album and more..

King of crunk Lil John has been MIA from the music scene and has also pushed back his "crunk rock" album.  So what has he been doing all this time? well he's working on E-40's upcoming album and he is also coming out with a clothing line. check out what Lil john has to say:

"Of course you're gonna miss being on that stage, having that record out," said Lil Jon, to MTV News. "But I'm on the Pitbull record ['The Anthem'], which is all over the clubs crazy. I'm on the Felli Fel record ['Buck in Here'], which is crazy all over the clubs. If you go in any club, you're gonna hear my old records. Plus [DJs] take samples of my voice and put it on all them mash-ups. I really ain't never went nowhere."

"I wanted to just give them what I set out to," he said. "People are expecting one thing from me, and I don't want to change the perception of what they are expecting. I didn't want to come out with no regular shit, because my last two albums did 2.5 million copies. I wanna still bust them in the head and give them something incredible. Music now ... it's just not fresh. I want my shit to be fresh like in the '80s, when you was waiting on that new Nice & Smooth album. Or that newDe La Soul album. I wanna have people hear these songs and be like, 'This is not that same old bullsh--. It's not just two singles, and the rest is trash."

"It's gonna be another record to just totally showcase the Bay Area, the culture," said Jon of E-40's upcoming album. "We expect it to be #1. You have to always take care of your core fans. When it gets out there and people see the video, people are gonna be like, 'Oh, shit, this is some other shit again. This is another part of what they told us in "Tell Me When to Go." ' We take care of the core market, then you'll see another single a couple months after that."

"Me and the guys, some of us been cool for three or five years," Jon said. "We would see each other at different events. ... I used to skate in the late '80s. I always wanted to surf. I always wanted to get into skating.

"I just think that it feels better if we were all together," he added. "I don't want anything to be segregated. We all do our own thing but have one common goal to have fun in life and be happy. We got one common goal, we should be one crew. That's why we decided to bring all of us together. All my cats are top athletes, but they my homeboys too. We all support each other and really hang out. They are a part of the BME Click, and we have apparel that's hitting the market. We have a snowboarding glove that's hitting the market. We have the T-shirts and sweatshirts coming out. It's a lifestyle. Whatever you do, it's about having fun."

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