Thursday, March 6, 2008

Feed me Fuck me party flicks

This event was awesome , can't complain. Actually I'm lying , i was upset that i missed the open bar and free food. Dj Melo X killed it with the booty poppin music and JUJU from the Beatnuts
had me falling asleep. Sorry JUJU you really did , but you're still a cool guy.  Shout out to the Alien crew , IHMDJ , Tone, GFC , That kid Texas and Roxy cottontail and ourselves aka SC for holding down the event. 

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Dos un said...

I wish I knew about this joint. I'm feelin' how ya'll do what u do. gangsta, i like that. thx for show luv on highbrid nation, come again cutie, i'll def. b back

be sfae luv