Saturday, March 8, 2008

Amy Snorts Vodka

Yo Amy freaking hilarious i swear. Since she's not allowed to snort crack or whatever she does , now she's snorting vodka!!!! yes guys Vodka!! 

Amy Winehouse's latest party trick is snorting vodka.

The troubled singer - who checked out of a London rehab clinic last month -
shocked onlookers when she nasally inhaled the potent spirit through a straw
while partying with friends including Kelly Osbourne, Mark Ronson and
Kimberly Stewart at London's Bungalow 8 club on Wednesday (03.05.08).

A source said: "
Somebody had brought over 20 shots to Amy's table and she
decided to show off her new party trick

She necked the top of the shot and lit the rest with a lighter. Then she
grabbed a straw and sucked what was left up her nose

Amy threw back her head and reeled in shock and everyone around her looked

Doctors have warned Amy's party trick, known as a 
Gas Chamber, could be
potentially lethal as alcohol is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

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