Monday, May 12, 2008

Rewind That: Dave Hollister

So last week I was going to put this video up as rewind that and decided to hold off until this week. I'm glad I did. This weekend I was in the car with my brothers and Mickey started talking about how Dave Hollister's song One Woman Man was hot. I agreed because I odeed off the album Chicago '85. Ofcourse you know someone out the bunch had to disagree. Can you guess who? Nevamind I'll tell you. It was Steve. I dont even remember the reason why he didnt like it, but leave it to Steve to be the odd one (you know I love you Steven). So I'm dedicating today's Rewind that to my brother Steve-o. Maybe he'll have a change of mind after seeing the video and hearing the song again.

For you youngins whose not up on Dave Hollister, heres a lil info. Dave Hollister was one-fourth of the group Black Street. He is a Chicago native ande related to Jodeci's K-Ci & JoJo. Somewhere between 1998-1999 Dave went solo and relesed his first album titled Ghetto Hyms.

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