Tuesday, May 20, 2008

P.L.U.M.: Va$htie

Downtown's $weetheart supports Street Cosignor

About Va$h:
Born of Trinidadian Parents and raised in Albany, New York as a First Generation American, Vashtie Kola a/k/a Downtown’s Sweetheart has become a force in Pop Culture to be reckoned with.

Taking her love of photography, filmmaking, and drawing into consideration, Vashtie’s love for the arts landed her in the School of Visual Arts in New York City where she studied Film/Directing/Cinematography. Interning a RSA Films and HSI, Vash was able to put her school learned skills to the test. Elevating to new heights, Vashtie then went on to Co-write Common’s “Testify” treatment with Anthony Mandler. Inspired by Video Directors such as Diane Martel; Chris Cunningham; Hype Williams; Jonathan Glazer; Spike Jonze; and more, Vash also looks up to the work of Film Director Bernado Bertolucci for “The Conformist”.
When not writing treatments or working with a camera, this Lady of Leisure; Handbag Queen; and Jordan 3 Villain is additionally busy working on the development of her own clothing line, VIOLETTE. This line will encompass this style maven’s Vintage Don/TomBoy Extroadinaire /Art Nerd appeal.
“I’ve always wanted to be involved with art since I was a child”, states Vashtie whose creativity landed her a job as the Director of Creative Services at Def Jam for two years. Working on projects such as the EPK for the 2008 Grammy Nominated Songstress Chrisette Michele; and assisted on projects such as Nas’ “Hip Hop Is Dead” and “Can’t Forget About You”; and Jay-Z’s “Blue Magic” Videos.

Taking note of her creative ability to bring a party to life, The New York Times has even recognized Vashtie for her notorious “1990’s” music themed downtown events where celebs such Jay-Z; Kanye’ West; Andre Harrell; Ne-Yo; Grand Puba; Maxwell; Q-Tip have been spotted jamming to the tunes of Mary J. Blige; Leaders of the New School; Black Moon; and De La Soul; Tribe Called Quest; and more. The New York Times has also featured her trend-setting events.

Inspired by her favorite Hip Hop song, “US Placers” featuring Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell Williams, and Kanye’ West, Vashtie directed the video where she has managed to garner well over two hundred thousand (200,000) views of the video on You Tube. “I directed this video out of my love for the song”, states Vashtie whose video casts child look a likes for the featured artists.

Documenting her growth as a video director; designer; party promoter; and her take on life, Vashtie’s blog has become one of the most popular. Located at www.riottt.com/Vashtie her blog is part of a community featuring celebs such as Blink 182’s Travis Barker and African American Skateboarder Stevie Williams.

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