Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Video: Team Blackout Feat. DJ Webstar- J5 On 'Em

The beat is mad HOT! My question is how did Rev. Run let his son put out such foolery? The dancers were so off beat dancing with their Rhythmless Nation asses.


Anonymous said...

I think who ever writes this blog should see more happening in this video and what blackout is doing as a "street cosigner" your roots are probably saturated in the garbage corperate america presents to you as a buyer. this video represents what hiphop is about being free to say or do anything you want presenting your self in a video without bottles or blunts is a positive thing which is what run is all about. respect the movement and appreciate a hype video because appreciating this can only lead these new artists to a new era of hiphop and allow them to present you with untained bullshit that plagues the very name of HIP HOP. congrats team blackout latchkey and lost not found

La Femme said...

We love people who leave negative comments! It just tickles us! Our opinion is our opinion! Who said anything about bottles and blunts. Truthfully, I'd like to see more videos without, bottles, blunts, and half naked chicks. Never said we didn't support Team Blackout, we just don't like the video. It is what it is!

Now on the other hand, whoever commented (male or female), what a huge set of balls you have on you. We can hold them in our pinky fingers! Thanks for commenting "Anonymously" lol... that is so "Pooty Tang".....in other words P***y!

Jose said...

okay who ever this person is I agree with you ....this is different in terms of a video but the song is exactly like that horrible chicken noodle soup shit.....however this shit is horrible i understand that this music for a younger crowd...but me being 23 years old and a person who is a fan of GOOD MUSIC...Not just hip hop but good music...YOU honestly think this is good...now if my father was a person who was pioneer of hip hop dont you think that some of that rap gene would flow through the blood....and granted he is a wealthy kid who was born with a gold not silver but gold you would think that he would at least put out something that is decent but what do i know i am only a person who has been around djs and work in the entertainment and one of my hobbies is djing and I only listen to albums everyday at work...but what do i know i am just a blogger...just like you "anonymous"