Sunday, May 18, 2008

What's really good with Macy Gray???

Ayyy Yooo what's really good with Macy Gray getting all naked on stage? 

According to 

Macy Gray cut her gig short at the Cannes Film Festival on Wednesday - because she was reportedly too drunk to perform.
The I Try star’s show at the Nikki Club in the south of France was due to start at 11pm Tuesday, but fans had to wait until 2am for her to stumble onto the stage.

Patient onlookers were only rewarded with three songs before she staggered off, according to fans.
One reveller, Emilie Malieu [said] ‘All the celebrities had left by the time she took the stage. And she (Gray) was in such a state, she only hardly managed to sing three songs. It was a real disappointment.’”

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