Monday, May 12, 2008

Nick & Mariah sitting in the Tree......

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Cannon! They were only dating six weeks before they got married! Smh!

Testing out there Newly Wedism (lol at me making up my own word) by getting there feet wet!

Pardon his back???? How can you pardon it? Its so fuckin big you can't miss that bitch! Lil Nicky poo has clearly lost his rabbit ass mind. Now I know love will make you do some crazy things, trust me I know. Tattoos being one of the primary things you do crazy when in love or think you're in love. I went through my tat phase and it was teeny. but that mutha fuckin big?? GOT DAYUM! He knocked Nas out the box with this shit. Mariah must got the red snapper pussy, cuz my man Nick is dumb open!

Here's a song dedicated to the fools who rushed in from yours truly:

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